Amazing Spider-Man #695 Goblins go to war?

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Been playing catch up on ASM recently, but I don't understand the upcoming issues. I thought there was only one Goblin (Phil Urich)? Is there any other Goblins?

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good topic just picked up the new previews at comic store. and reading a spoiler it sounds like that the original kingsley is back. i love all the goblins. even have the very first appereance of hobgoblin. bought it back in 1984 for 60 cents. lol

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Just finished reading ASM 691, read it too and it will answers your question and really this thing is really Hypping me up :O Been decieved on how they had handled Kingsley :P

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Called it( Well kinda of)

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Just read #691 too! I can't wait to see how this plays out :)

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Well I have been out of town, so I just got back today and picked up #690 and #691. I will be back after I read them. :)

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