Amazing Spider-Man #273

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For anyone who hasn't read Amazing Spider-Man #273, this will contain spoilers.



WARNING!!! My English sucks.



In Amazing Spider-Man #273, Puma's tribe sees(by some weird tribe methods) some great danger from the beyond(which is the Beyonder). So they call Puma and tell him to kill the danger from beyond. They tell him to team up with Spider-Man. In New York(or whatever city Spider-Man stays in...) there are some guys giving out some buttons or something, which is about Cosmic Oneness(some sort of religion created by the Beyonder).

Puma and Spider-Man go and try to find him but Spidey soon leaves saying that it's impossible to beat the Beyonder. Then, Puma runs into Beyonder. Beyonder says that it is impossible to kill him...maybe some other stuff like that, and sends Puma to Japan because he was planning on doing some business with Japan before his tribe called him.

Puma goes back to America, to Spider-Man, and tells him that they should team up again and give everything they've got to beat him. Peter says its impossible and says that the Beyonder is omnipresent, that he could be listening to them right now. Then he says that "all we have to do is call him.. shout HEY BEYONDER.. and.." then Beyonder appears. That was the last page, in the bottom, it says "To be continued in Peter Parker!!! POWER PLAY!!!"

My question is, what happens in this Peter Parker!!! Power Play!!? I can't find this comic anywhere. If you've read my other post(or topic...whatever) called "VENOM???" you'd know that I hate it when Marvel does this.

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There's no such comic. Then continue of the story is probably in one of spectacular Spider-man comics.

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@JimTheSurfer: :'(

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the continuation issue is this one,_The_Spectacular_Spider-Man_Vol_1_111

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@mewmdude77: Thanks :D

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