Amazing Death of Spiderman Fan Made Film

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I almost cried.

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That just shows the true colors of faboyism right there to all the spiderman haters.

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@_slim_: @_slim_: \

Thanks for some reason it wont let me do that.

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@thesilverbeatle: No problem.  After you clicked the share button on Youtube did you copy the link to the video or did you copy the embed code which is underneath the link to the video. If it's the former that's probably why you couldn't put the video up.
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@_slim_: There we go, I got it.

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Brought tears to my eyes. I'm such a wimp.

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@SurelockeHomes said:

Brought tears to my eyes. I'm such a wimp.

doesn't make you a wimp to show emotion. Same here.

Loved this. Fantastic.

btw Silver that title its a little deceiving with "Amazing" n' all

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Sharing this with everyone.

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I'd be sad if this was the real Spider-man.

Kidding, but anyway, I'm just gonna go and share the living hell out of this...

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I've seen this. I thought I wouldn't care as much since it wasn't 616, but then I remembered ultimate spider-man was just a kid, and that made it worse.

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Woa... that was great made stuff!!

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I loved it, very very powerful and professionally done. Outstanding

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DAMN IT!! I'm tearing up now, thanks a lot!!!! Seriously though, it was one thing to read it but this was absolutely amazing! It almost makes me wish that regular Spidey would die so they could bring him back a year later and undo all the crap that was Brand New Day! Spider-Man was a major favorite of mine until BND

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OMG! I just watched this. It is amazing! I love it!

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.... i'm depressed now

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im so friken sick of marvel killing every one spider man jean grey cable nightcrawler every one why marel

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It's not 616 Spiderman...

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but still there killing everyone

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