A Call for Fan-Art

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Are you an artist and a Spider-Man fan? The we’d love to showcase your art. Sure, we’re an audio podcast so what good are outstanding visual images right?


Not only does we have an awesome site to display the latest and greatest in fan-art, we are also planning on presenting the Spider-Man Podcast as a series of YouTube videos currently in development.

So what exactly are we looking for? Original Spider-Man art of our favorite characters in the Spider-Man universe. This includes good old Spidey himself, villains, friends, etc. You also have to be willing to allow your work to be placed in rotation on the site – AND it may be included in one of our YouTube videos!

Of course full credit will be given to where it is due. Along with the exposure you could receive as this podcast grows (and it has grown in leaps and bounds since its launch earlier this month), we’ll also attach your name to the work and link back to your site if you have one. For the YouTube series, should your work be included, your name and site info will appear in the credits at the end.

Pretty exciting stuff. If there are any questions don’t hesitate to contact at http://spidermanpodcast.com !


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Sweet I will definitely be participating

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Do I post it on here?

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