700 might have turned out differently, if Peter told Carlie this

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In 700, when Carlie asked Peter to tell her something only they would know, what he said was

But I think he should have said this

She has a Spider-man tattoo on her hip and as far I know, only Peter and a friend who was with her when she got it, knew about. She told him in The Amazing Spider-Man #660


So my question is why didn't he tell her that and if he did how might it have turned out


I think she would have believed him and helped him in getting his body back, how, I would have to think it over

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I'm not sure that would have helped too much though. As it was Carlie did not stop him from gaining the gold ock bot, and I doubt there would be too much she could have done to help Spidey fight himself. It would surely have affected the upcoming events in Superior though

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You've got a point. But maybe it was in the heat of the moment and he couldn't think of anything else. In response to those that say it wouldn't have changed anything in 700, I agree.

In case anyone reading hasn't realized, this thread spoils a little bit of 700.

However, immediately after Peter died in Ock's body, I'm sure Carlie would have gone to the Avengers/etc. So Superior Spider-man wouldn't last as long. As it is now, it will take much longer for Carlie or anyone else to connect the dots.
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@animehunter: Here's the deal...She got that Tat months back. You're assumption is that she or her friend never told anyone else since then, That she would know that Peter has never told anyone else, and that she would believe anything that Doc Ock would say to her regardless.

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