50th Anniversary Flop

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Is it just me or did it seem that Marvel didn't try to hard to celebrate the Web-slinger's big landmark. They teamed him with Morales, then a new movie that was meh to me, and then killed him off.

I would have liked at least a better show than Ultimate, attempt to acknowledge Spider-girl; that's a whole untapped market for Marvel to break into, and maybe add some new lasting rogues to his gallery.

But what do you think, did they put forth a decent effort or not?

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*ahem*.....50th anniversary buddy....

And yes,we agree on the other topics you presented.I would love Pete and MJ having a baby in ASM 700(no OMD),or getting back together(yes OMD)
A decent show for adults and kids too9like Spectacular) and an awesome movie......so.....0/3 Bravo Marvel!

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@punyparker: Yeah, sorry. My brain gets kind of foggy around midnight.

I really thought they would treat their star player with some more respect. Than I remember that Disney got their hands on it. Seeing Peter get back in a lasting relationship would be a start to turning his book back around. The Ultimate show is just so bad, I could only watch two episodes. The list could go on on how bad they treated the Anniversary. I really wonder why Marvel sold out like they did.

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@shadowsnake89: It was a flop, but that's okay. The fans still like Spider-Man and that's all that really matters. We don't have to like what Marvel's doing to him now , but we can still rejoice in what he's done in the past. After all we're celebrating 50 years of the Spider, not just what's happened recently.

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@clonesaga2099: I guess you're right. You know what; I'm having my own Spider-man fest. I'm watching my favorite episodes of every show and then reading my Spider-island TPB.

Thanks clonesaga2099.

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