sora_thekey's Spider-Man: With Great Power... #1 review

OK but not Great....

Although havin contardictions this story is OK not great. Why? Well first of Peter is seen in Amazing Fantasy to be a famous television character but not a wreseler. PLus Peters powers weren'y shown in school as in this comic book is shown. A nice touch was giving Peter a car, and were true to Peter's crush with Liz Allen but she seemed to be softer than the original.

I wouldn't put this comic under the catagory of a "Must Read" but more of an enjoyable comic being able to see a fun side before the responsibility part and Peter feeling resposible for his uncle's death.

Again enjoyable but not a "Must read", Ok but not great.

PS: The art is good though it's been a long time I see spidey with small eyes on the mask.

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