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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:Spider-Man & Wolverine.
Alternate Title:1) Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man & Wolverine; 2) Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine & Spider-Man; 3) Greatest Spider-Man & Wolverine Team-Ups.
TPB Cover:Marvel Comics Presents #49.
Collecting 10 Issues:Spider-Man vs. Wolverine (1987); Web of Spider-Man (1985) #29; What If? Spider-Man vs. Wolverine (2008); Wolverine vs. Spider-Man (1995); Marvel Team-Up (1972) #117; Ultimate Marvel Team-Up (2001) #1; Marvel Knights: Spider-Man & Wolverine (2003) #1-4.

Covers (click to enlarge):


Back in February 1987, Marvel put out an awesome one shot called Spider-Man vs. Wolverine. Wolverine agrees to kill a friend before their enemies can, Spider-Man tries to stop him, they fight, and the results were monumental. So much so, that Wolvie had to track Spidey down six months later, in Web of Spider-Man #29, just to talk him into shaking it off. Pretty awesome story, but Paul Tobin & Jeff Parker apparently thought of a way that story could take a darker turn, and gave us What If? Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine. I'd put it right after WoSM #29.

Next, we have a 1995 one-shot called Wolverine vs. Spider-Man. Clearly, this issue was taking advantage of the (at the time) still popular 1987 title. It collects a three part story from the anthology Marvel Comics Presents #48-50, and is Erik Larsen's tale of Pete & Logan trying to save a young mutant from a group of villains.

I figured if I'm going to get all these Spidey/Wolvie team-ups together, I must include their first meeting, from Marvel Team-Up (1972) #117, but after the Spider-Man vs. Wolverine issues. Also, as long as we're talking Marvel Team-Up, the Ultimate Marvel Team-Up issue was a tough decision. It's not the Marvel-616 Spider-Man & Wolverine. In the end, I decided to include it, because they have a conversation I've always liked, about whether Spider-Man is a mutant or not.

Last, but only because of its order of publication, I'd include the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man & Wolverine four issue mini-series. As far as I can find, it has never been collected in TPB, and it would round this collection out nicely to ten issues. It's about Spider-Man and Wolverine chasing a mystery all over the globe.

For the cover, I actually like the 1987 Spider-Man vs. Wolverine cover best, but I'm still opposed to using a one-shot's cover for a TPB's cover, if it can be avoided. I don't really like the Marvel Knights covers that much, using the Ultimate MTU cover would be misleading, and the MTU #117 cover is way too dated. The WoSM #29 cover features Spidey's black costume, and that's the only issue of this collection that the black costume is in. The What If? cover is beautiful, but I'd rather use the 1987 cover instead. So that leaves the cover of Wolverine vs. Spider-Man, but ugh, I do not dig that purple background. Fortunately, the cover it came from, Marvel Comics Presents #49, does not share that purple background, and I think it would make a great cover for the TPB, showcasing Logan & Parker prominently on the cover. It also doesn't show them fighting, which I'd prefer for the cover of this collection.

As far as the alternate titles go, it's like this: Marvel Team-Up was primarily a book focused on "Spider-Man and..." (although, sometimes Human Torch was the lead, as seen in the suggested Human Torch Team-Ups). Marvel Comics Presents was an anthology title that became popular while Wolverine was headlining the covers. The last suggestion of Greatest Spider-Man & Wolverine Team-Ups has precedence in Greatest Spider-Man & Daredevil Team-Ups.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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Thanks again!

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