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Estranged Tales
The Human Torch is having a lot of personal problems lately and is trying to blow off some steam. It seems Spider-Man is having the same king of night. While Spidey is stopping some robbers the Torch interferes and stops Spider-Man from possibly going overboard. They argue and part ways.

Meanwhile, Reynard Slinker AKA The Fox is planning to get his revenge on Spider-Man and the Torch for teaming up and sending him to jail. He sets a trap and they both fall right into his hands. He is ready with flame retardant foam for Johnny and machine guns for Spidey along with gas for them both. They wake up locked in a cell the same size as the Fox's prison cell was. The walls are unbreakable and the oxygen is limited to prevent Johnny from using his power. But Spider-Man punches the wall in the same spot enought times to let enough oxygen to enter so Johnny can flame up and they escape.

Together they beat Fox's goons and send him to jail again. They make amends with each other and part ways.

Look Who's Back
Spider-Man has been on a two day stake out to retrieve some stolen nuclear triggers. He finds their location and begins fighting with the thieves when he is interrupted by Bobster. Bobster's interruption allows the leader to get away with the devices. Spider-Man scolds him but Bobster wants to make him a deal to train him to be a superhero. Spider-Man declines.

Spider-Man informs SHIELD of the situation and goes and gets some rest. The next day he finally gets a signal from the tracer he put on the briefcase holding the triggers. But soon he is joined again by Bobster. They bust up the deal but the leader gets away again but this time Spider-Man persues him. He takes a baby hostage and Bobster uses one of his gadgets to pull the briefcase from him but in the process he drops the baby out of the window. Spider-Man manages to save the baby and Bobster learns no lesson on how foolhardy he was.

The Steel Spider in Street Justice
Ollie Osnick and his girlfriend are discussing what will happen after they graduate high school when a stray bullet hits his girlfriend in the spine. Unhappy about the injustice of it all and already having a costume he had been tinkering with since he was the Spectacular Spider Kid he becomes the Steel Spider.

He finds the man who shot her and takes him down but flees when the police arrive. He cannot believe that he almost killed someone. He returns to the hospital and visits Jane to find out she may be paralyzed permanently but the doctors won't know until they operate. He tells her he will be with her all the way and that he loves her.

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