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1st story: "The Man Who Would Be Spider-Man!"

2nd story: "Still Living In Fear"

Spider-Man is escorting a van containing the criminal Bloodshed. He is going to to testify against the Bazin mob. Bazin is believed dead but his lieutenant Nico still wants him dead. The van is blown up with a rocket launcher but Spider-Man subdues the gang members. Bloodshed is still worried about Nico getting to him.

They go to a hotel and find Bloodshed's costume and a note from Nico telling him to meet him man to man. Nico apparently has insiders in the station. Spider-Man and Vasquez become distracted with a knock at the door and Bloodshed escapes to kill Nico.

Spider-Man doesn't know what the note meant and where to go so he has Mary Jane call her friend Marty Reeves. With the answer, Spider-Man makes it to Nico first. Bloodshed busts through the wall and attacks them while Spider-Man tries to stop him from killing anyone. Nico escapes and blows up the building, which he had intended to do the whole time.

Spider-Man digs through the rumble and is angry with himself because he had promised to help Bloodshed. Secretly, Bloodshed escaped becasue he didn't want to go back to the cops and he wanted the mob to believe he was dead.

3rd story: "Just A Joe Named Guy"

In a classic bumbling robbery by the Rhino, he punctures a experimental gas canister which is inhaled by innocent bystander Guy Jones. The gas transforms him into a hulking monster that is very confused. Upon seeing Spider-Man he tries to flee but eventually gains his composure. He realizes Rhino was the cause of this. He attacks Rhino and they knock each other out.

Once unconscious, he transforms back into his original form.

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