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An Obituary For Octopus
Doctor Octopus' origin is revealed as Dilbert Trilby and and intern write a new obituary for the Doctor in case he should die or be killed after just having robbed the Robeaux Research Center. It is revealed that Otto was bullied in school. His father, a construction worker who belittled his son and thought him to be a wuss. His mother was more compassionate realizing his brilliance and supported him.  His father died in an accident and Otto went to graduate college at the top of his class.

He got a job at the US Atomic Research Center and met a woman named Mary Alice Anders and they fell in love. Otto's mother could not handle this and Otto broke off the engagement. This caused him to grow a cold dispostion. Upon finding that his mother was dating he exploded on her about what she made him do and she had a heart attack and died. This eventually led to Otto becoming Dr. Octopus.

Dock Ock had stolen recent bloodwork of AIDS patients. Spider-Man began looking for Octopus and found him robbing a van with radioactive isotopes. After threatening harming civilians, Spider-Man let him go with the isotope. Spider-Man wonders what he is trying to do, such as infect the city's blood supply or even perhaps make an AIDS bomb.

Spider-Man follows him to where he is doing his experiment. He half-heartedly fights Spider-Man while continuing his experiment. When it is complete he realizes the the formula he was making proved ineffective and gives up without a fight.

Another obituary comes in for Trilby to write and it turns out to be Mary Alice who has died of AIDS.

Captive Fire
Spider-Man is staking out a deal between Lenny Flynn  and another man in what appears to be stolen goods. He goes to stop them but is attacked by Corona. He had failed to help Corona in the past and tries to reason with her but she says she is following orders.

Spider-Man then goes to her brother Cedric Forrester's laboratory only to find that he has moved out and armed guards working for someone else are in his place. He goes home and reflects on his inability to help Corona and how she was controlled by her brother.

He manages to locate Cedric and he tells Spider-Man that he managed to improve his sister's physical condition but also implanted a bio-monitor in her to send extreme pain to the centers of her brain in an effort to control her. Lenny Flynn is one of his former employees who took control of Corona through her bio-monitor and threatened to have him killed if he did not give over control of his lab. Cedric has an override device but it will only work in the lab. Spider-Man reluctantly agrees to help but only for Corona's sake.

Once at the lab, Corona attacks Spider-Man because she blames him for not helping her and destroys the override device for hatred of her controlling brother. She turns the wall into liquid and then back solid to trap Spider-Man.

Flynn reveals he has already arrange Corona's sale to the Silvermane mob and now he can get more for Spider-Man as well. It turns out that Cedric was just trying to save money and this is really a negotiating deal and he had no interest in his sister's well being. When she hears this Corona atttacks only to be put in extreme pain by her bio-monitor. Spider-Man breaks free and angers Corona so much she destroys all the machinery in the lab. Spider-Man lets her know that he did it on purpose and now she is under no one's control, causing her to forgive Spider-Man.

Knowing that her body will again destabilize she still refuses her brother's assistance and flies off to live her life as a free woman.

Ren-Tech's Revenge
Dr. Hillman Barto is informing Alex Ellis that he is shutting down the Annex suit. Alex protests saying he was a hero and helped Spider-Man and the suit worked like a dream. Barto states that the annexing unit is for creating electronic prostheses for lost limbs, not heroics. Barto is upset that that the unit he developed was turned into a computer linked battle suit by Adarco in the first place and cites recent allegations against two Code: Blue members for misuse of technologies and theft of equipment.

Theodore Bolton and Diana Bradley have decided to make their own profit organization with the technologies they developed for Code: Blue. They officially launch renegade technology AKA Ren-Tech.

Alex pleads with Barto to let him use the Annex suit to do some good on the streets. Just then the security alarm of the old Adarco lab goes off and Ren-Tech are breaking in. They plan on taking the technology and adding it to their own. Alex convinces Barto to let him use the Annex suit to stop them.

Annex arrives and knocks out the power generator in their van at Barto's request. Bolton hears this and blocks Annex's helmet transmitter. Disrupting the link causes the suit to shut down. Bolton then shoots off Annex's leg. Annex realizes his suit's battery is not drained yet and magnetizes, pulling their weapons and jamming device to him, which he destroys.

His suit repowered he easily defeats the unarmed Ren-Tech suits. Code: Blue arrives and thanks him for his help. Upon returning to the lab, Barto agrees that perhaps the Annex suit can do some good and the heroics are worth some risk.

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