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The Hatred, The Horror and The Hero Part One

Spider-Man is caught in the middle of a battling Carnage and Venom. Carnage has been weakened by the Alpha Magnilluminizer and flees the scene. Spider-Man wants to call for back-up but Venom punches Spider-Man and chases after Carnage alone.

Peter goes to the hospital to have his ribs wrapped and meets up with Mary Jane. Meanwhile, Carnage returns to Riker's Island Prison where it all began for him but Venom is right behind him. Venom saves a guard from Carnage's wrath and continues to follow him. Peter has a talk with his father and suits up again to find Carnage and Venom.

The Hatred, The Horror and The Hero Part Two

Carnage is being tormented by ghost of his victims when Venom meets up with him. Venom is about to finish off Carnage when Spider-Man intervenes. Venom attacks Spider-Man but they soon realize Carnage is gone. They soon find Carnage in a cemetery digging up his mother's corpse. Spider-Man realizes that Carnage has finally lost it. Venom is intent on killing Carnage but Spider-Man will not allow it.

Even though Spider-Man stopped Venom from killing Carnage again, Carnage tries to kill Spider-Man. The Black Cat shows up at just the right time to catch Carnage by surprise and save Spider-Man. Carnage tries to flee with his mother's casket but is attacked by Venom. Venom ends up pushing Carnage and himself into some generators causing an explosion. Spider-Man pulls Kasady's burned body from the flames.

The Avengers Quinjet arrives and they put Kasady in a stasis container. Maximum Carnage is over.

Other People's Dreams

An armed thief has just robbed a store when he is met by Spider-Man. He is obviously a drug addict and takes him to the police station. Peter meets Mary Jane at a movie premiere party where actor Dirk Leyden is making a speech. Peter notices that some what appear to be federal agents are blocking all the exits so no one can leave.

The agents move in to arrest Leyden and he transforms himself into Megawatt. He escapes the agents but not before Peter attaches a Spider-Tracer to him. Peter suits up and pursues the man. Spider-Man catches up with him and instead of fighting tries to talk it out with him. Megawatt explains that because he stole when he was little that he was destined for a life of crime.

He continues to tell his story about how he was a petty thief and received his powers from Jonas Harrow. His first mission as a super criminal was quickly ended at the hands of Daredevil. He then ended up becoming an actor and trying to leave his past behind him when it all caught up to him.

The police surround the building and Spider-Man still tries to talk him down but Megawatt attacks him. Spider-Man defeats him and leads him to the police but requests help for him. They end up letting him get too close to a light pole and he escapes, claiming that they haven't heard the last of him.

As Peter and Mary Jane watch TV the news picks up the story. It seems the film company of the movie he starred in has it's best lawyers on the job and that sequels are already in the works for him to write, star and executive produce. Peter wonders why the people who make bad choices end up rich and all he gets for doing the right thing is bruises.

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