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Head Over Heels For Spider-Man Again

I have always loved the 1990's Spiderman cartoon when I was a kid, and when the show was over after five seasons I was sad about it's cliffhanger (where Spidey and Madame Web finally search for Mary Jane after defeating Spider-Carnage with multiverse Spider-Men and meeting Stan Lee) as well as the never successful Spider-Man: Unlimited with only 13 episodes. Eventually I was never satisfied until around another Spiderman cartoon arrived back in 2008: The Spectacular Spiderman! With only two seasons that show made me enjoy Spiderman again until another cliffhanger was made and we now look forward to THE ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN cartoon show in April 2012. I know I'm off-topic with reminiscing with Spiderman cartoons...but there is a reason why I brought it up. Watching the shows was the closest thing than reading old and current issues of the old web-head. I always found the comics to be evolving faster for me to understand Spidey's adventures from (70's, 80's,) 90's to the present. I never read much on Spider-Man's comics...until I read SINS PAST (good book) and it's sequel SINS REMEMBERED and later THE REAL CLONE SAGA...

The CLONE SAGA seemed so long to truly understand...but in the end Spidey suffers too much: the death of both his newborn daughter (May Parker) and Ben Reilly (who was the clone all alone). I know that Spiderman reflects all of us by our faults...but loosing your newborn child was the lowest. Thankfully the big wigs at Marvel created SPIDER-GIRL in their MC2 imprint, where Spider-Man's daughter was alive and assumes her father's mantle. With DeFalco's run on Spider-Girl felt hooked again...which lead me to his REAL CLONE SAGA!

Now to my main point on this graphic novel, I absolutely love it! It makes you think that this is was a PREQUEL to SPIDER-GIRL, and I hate to spoil to those who never read the book, but it seems less tragic that how THE CLONE SAGA was presented. Both Ben/Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man II and baby May live at the end of the book, and it's because of this book it made me interested in Spider-Man again. I maybe a sucker for happy endings, but sometimes I still think that Spider-Man shouldn't had suffer back the 90's...then again...I guess having MC2 being separated from mainstream proved its point to the very end. Again...this book feels like a prequel for Spider-Girl, and I hope you'll enjoy it as I have...

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Posted by spawndon

gotta get this book someday.

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