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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1

Peter Parker tries to tell Mary Jane about a weird dream he has been having but she doesn't seem to be listening to him. Spider-Man has a run in with a new villain named Tracer who was robbing a bank. During the battle, Spider-Man tries to take some advice from Captain America and in doing so gets shot in the shoulder. He goes to see a doctor who bandages him up. At the end of the comic, the doctor calls him and tells him that she has very bad news. The reader is left with an image of Morlun staring down at Spider-Man's window.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19

After one of Mary Jane's plays there is a news report about Spider-Man in a battle with Tracer. Mary Jane runs to a nearby bar, where she pays the bartender so everyone can have beers so she can watch the news. During the battle, Tracer takes over Iron Man's Armor and attacks Spider-Man. The coverage ends as the news channel was not allowed to report the rest of the battle. It is then that one of Mary Jane's stalkers attackers her. She defends herself using training she had gained from Captain America. At the end of this comic, Peter shows Mary Jane what the bad news is.

The Amazing Spider-Man #525

Tracer has all of New York City's machines running wild attacking each other. The New Avengers go out to stop them, and during the battle Spider-Man is knocked back into an alley. In this alley, Spider-Man sees Morlun who he thought was dead. Morlun runs off and Wolverine, who had come to check on Spider-Man, says that he didn't see or smell him. Spider-Man, thinking he is going crazy, returns to Stark Tower where he finds Tracer talking with his Aunt May. Peter brutally attacks Tracer, who does not fight back and says that he wanted to fight Spider-Man in his prime. At the end, Aunt May demands Peter tells her what is bothering him.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2

It is revealed that Peter is dying but from an unknown cause. Hank Pym, Reed Richards, and Tony Stark all study him but can't figure out the what he is dying from. Thinking that perhaps his radioactive spider-bite is the cause, the heroes go to find an expert on radiation, Bruce Banner. When they find him, Banner is in his Incredible Hulk state and attacks them. Using a gas to calm him down they revert him back to Bruce Banner. Banner was also not able to find the cause of the problem so Peter goes to see Black Panther. Black Panther gives Peter a special herb that is meant only for a warrior proven to be worthy of being king. This still does not cure Peter though. He decides to take a non-science approach to the problem and visits Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange tells him that he can not be helped and that he has lived a long life and should prepare to die.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20

Spider-Man is excepting the fact that he is going to die. Using some of Tony's old Iron Man armors, Peter, Aunt May, and Mary Jane sneak into Lavteria and use Dr. Doom's time machine to view parts of Peter's life. Afterwards, Peter goes to Las Vegas to win some money using his Spider-Sense for Mary Jane and Aunt May to live off of when he dies. Their trip is interrupted by the Wreaking Crew who Peter is forced to battle. Later, Morlun is shown looking for Peter but can't find him because he is in a space with Mary Jane watching the Earth.

The Amazing Spider-Man #526

In this issue, Spider-Man is found by Morlun and the two start battling at the Daily Bugle. Spider-Man tries to lead Morlun away from people so he moves the battle over to Empire State University. During the fight Peter says that he has never been hit so hard and he has gone toe-to-toe with the Hulk. This is probably due to Morlun becoming stronger and Peter becoming weaker as the battle goes on. At the end of the battle, Morlun rips out Peter's eye and eats them, leaving him to die before the police show up.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3

Peter is taken to the hospital after his battle with Morlun. The Avengers and Mary Jane go to check on him at the hospital, where they are told that he is not going to make it. Morlun makes it to Spider-Man's room before they do and wants to finish him off. Mary Jane defends Peter and attacks Morlun. Morlun, clearly the stronger of the two, knocks Mary-Jane back. Seeing this Peter gains the strength to fight on. With eyes glowing red, fangs, and stingers now shooting out of his arms, Peter dives on Morlun, stabbing him in the back and biting his neck eventually killing him. This last attack kills Peter too.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #21

Peter's body has been moved to Stark Tower where Mary Jane and the rest of the Avengers are staying. They are trying to figure out how they are going to explain to the world how Peter died without giving away that he is Spider-Man. Mary Jane is having difficulty dealing with Peter's death and Wolverine decides that this is the time to make a move on her. She slaps him and runs off. Later, Wolverine tells Jarvis he did this so she can have a place to take her anger out. At the end of the issue, the alarm at Stark Tower goes off and the Avenger's rush to Peter's body. When they reach the room, the window is broken and Peter is gone with only his husk remaining. Tony says that the window was bulletproof, so either someone was very strong or there is a lot they don't know about spiders.

The Amazing Spider-Man #527

The Amazing Spider-Man #527

The Avengers are out looking for Peter's body. It is revealed that he has made a cocoon that his body is in right now. While in it he has a dream about a spider eating everyone he was close to. This Spider then tells him that he has been denying what he really is and that he needs to embrace his true self. It appears that he does embrace his inner spider when he breaks free of the cocoon. He then returns to the Avengers and his family who can't believe he is alive.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

Peter is in Tony's lab, where the top minds in the world are trying to figure out why he is still alive. At one point Tony goes to touch Peter's shoulder, but Peter reacted before he could and tripped him without realizing he was doing it. Aunt May tells Stark and the others to let Peter enjoy his second chance at life. Running off, Peter takes Mary Jane for a ride around the city. When they return to Stark Tower it is covered in webs. It is in the tower that Peter finds a figure made up of spiders who breaks out of the Tower.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #22

Spider-Man battles the figure made of Spiders who reveals that he should not be alive. Before he is able to stop the figure, it breaks up into many spiders and runs down into the sewers. Peter returns home and tries to figure out what is going on. Peter goes back to Dr. Strange who tells him him he is caught in a "cosmic web". He explains that he can actually choose to be the spider who made the web or the "meal" as Peter put it.

The Amazing Spider-Man #528

Peter goes to get his costume fixed when a building falls. Attempting to save the people inside Peter realizes he gained the ability to see in the dark. He also has the ability to feel the vibrations in his web as well as feel when wind patterns change. When he finds a little girl he sees that he can stick her to his back instead of just with is hands and feet. At the end of the issue, it is revealed that Tony is working on a costume for Peter.

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