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A Gauntlet Is Approaching

The Story: 

The Black Cat suddenly returns and Spider-Man gets tangled in her current affairs. Raptor returns and the fallout from his and Spider-Man's previous encounter ensues. Deadpool shows up for some mayhem.  

My Thoughts:

This installment of Amazing Spider-Man was written by Joe Kelly and Marc Guggenheim. One of the most significant events of this trade is the return of the Black Cat. While it was short-lived, the two issues she was here were awesome while it lasted. The rest of the story carried on without her and with no explanation her her disappearance. That was one of the negatives for me. I hope the writers bring her back real soon because there's certainly unfinished business between her and Spider-Man. 

The next part wasn't really my favorite. Raptor returns and the writers tie up most of the loose ends concerning him. The last issue involving Deadpool was actually pretty funny. You can credit Joe Kelly for that. The editor comments by Geoff Johns had me laughing. It was pretty entertaining the way they set up for The Gauntlet which is coming next issue.

The art has continued to improve for this series. Usually it tends to have its ups and downs, but lately it's been consistently nice. Mike McKone and Marco Checchetto delivered some of the best art this series has had in quite some time. I absolutely loved the way they captured the wall-crawler in action, especially Checchetto. Luke Ross drew the flashback sequences real well. I loved J. Scott Campbell's covers.

Any huge Black Cat fan wont want to miss out on this as her appearances tend to be rare. This trade basically serves as the prelude to The Gauntlet story arc coming next. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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