cm_cameron's Spider-Man: Reign #1 - Book One review

Superhero Retirement Plans Really Suck, Apparently


There is no more Spider-Man. Peter Parker is old and retired, living in a New York City governed by the fascist Mayor Waters and policed by the brutal law enforcement group called "The Reign". How long can Peter stay retired under such conditions?


  • I very much like Peter's narration of the story. The focus of his dialog is on nursery rhymes and how they're meant to turn children into adults, not lull them to sleep. Not only are the rhymes perfect representations of Pete's life, but his commentary on them shows us how bitter and depressed he's become. Not that he doesn't have good reason to be. I wouldn't exactly want to be a "real life" version of Old Mother Hubbard (though she did have a pretty cool dog).

  • This is very much a post 9/11 story. (I can tell because the word "terrorist" is mentioned once or twice on almost every single page.) It very much captures the feelings of distress and, in some cases, paranoia, that people experienced during that time (and probably some that still do today) and takes it a few steps further. Information is controlled, police crack down on even the slightest mishap with brutal force, and the government enacts an extreme method of protection that'll more than likely do more harm than good. It's an exaggeration (hopefully) meant to prove a point. Whether or not the point hits the mark or not, I imagine depends on the reader, but it's good world building nonetheless.


  • I do not like the art. Not one bit. I can see how it could be a stylistic choice based on the mood of the story, but if that's the case, it's distracting. Perhaps I'm just not big on the whole "looks like it was drawn by a nine year old" approach to art, regardless if it's meant to make a point or add to the story or mood.


  • It's not hard to see that this book is Spider-Man's version of The Dark Knight Returns. It's about an old, long retired superhero getting back into the swing of things (hmm, interesting how that sentence can work as an applicable pun to both heroes), the art is the same style and it even has a pair of newscasters on exposition duty. To its credit, Reign is fully aware of its predecessor. The name of one of the aforementioned newscasters? Miller Janson.

  • I don't think I'm ever going to get the image of Peter fighting two policemen in his mask and underwear out of my head.


An interesting take on Spider-Man. How long my interest is held will depend on whether or not story takes precedence over theme.
Posted by shawn87

Nice review. I've been wondering if I should get this or not. I think I'll add it to my list and get it eventually

Posted by CM_Cameron

Thanks. It's certainly an interesting read and there's nothing like it in Spider-Man's library. At least nothing in it that I've seen anyway, and I've seen a lot.

Edited by heatburnman

I just bought this, and trust me, this is only a must buy to hard core spidy fans~ this isn't a must buy to just regular fans.. don't get me wrong, compared to other spidy comic this has that less art-ish look, the story, awesome in a way if you liked the spiderman movie (the 1-2-3) it doesn't follow a past about gwen nor his two kids, in this world his just a single old man., but the art.. i'd give it a flat 2 star.

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