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En route to the courthouse to see the judge, Janine Godbe is "kidnapped" by Ben, who pretends to be a murderous maniac. Janine balks, saying that she thought he was Kaine. Kaine's plan is finally working, he says, now that Ben is becoming more and more brutal and angry when it comes to protecting those he holds dear. Furthermore, Kaine discards the suit he uses to ward off his degeneration.

Finally, at a diner, Janine tells Ben the story of what happened to her in Santa Cruz, that made him believe her dead: in the middle of the night Kaine came to see Janine, asking her to come with him, and when she did, he took her to San Francisco on top of the Golden Gate Bridge, and threatened her to leave Ben alone or else the Santa Cruz Police would find out about her real identity as a "murderer". "He's better off without you," he said, and she left, while Kaine planted a clone he had made in her place, this being the Janine Ben identified.

After that fact is out of the way, Ben and Janine are about to leave New York forever when Kaine bursts into the diner. Ben fights him savagely and Janine ushers him to stop, or else he will become like Kaine. Kaine says this has already happened and that it is "all over", proving his point with the detonation of many explosives.    







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