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 Eisner award-winner Terry Moore returns with another exciting issue starring Spider-Man's favorite girl! Someone at Midtown High is leading a double life...but it ain't who you'd expect. Can MJ conceal her secret identity from her closest friends, or will her double life be revealed to the entire school!?!?!? (Hint: Her double life will be revealed to the entire school).


The life of Mary Jane has taken a look for the...irritating. Everyone at the school now knows her duel identity of Limo Girl and hassle her about it every chance they get. The school day is like any other when random loud noises can be heard throughout the school and outside of it. Peter Parker and Liz Allen have a "study" date and soon the ever irritable Flash finds out and makes his point very clear to Peter...or attempts to make it clear.

As the day ends the rain falls down hard soaking everyone they know, at Mary Janes she admits that Peter is something special. While Peter in his Spider-man outfit comments that he is cold an wet and even grumbling that he is missing his favorite show, he is met by a beast of a creature with one thing on its mind Peters head.

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