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"The Boyfriend Thing"

Because YOU demanded it, the highly acclaimed drama featuring the life of a teenage Mary Jane Watson returns as an ongoing series! And this time, she’s got some friendly neighborhood backup! With her circle of friends and recent relationship left in disrepair, MJ is on the market once again! But who will she choose to be the next object of her affections: Peter Parker, her bookish-but-sweet tutor and newly-minted friend; or that dangerous, exciting crimefighter in red and blue tights, Spider-Man? Stick with Eisner award-winner Sean McKeever and superstar artist Takeshi Miyazawa to find out!

Mary Jane watches Spider-Man defeat Doctor Octopus on television. MJ is enthralled, and is only brought back to reality by Peter Parker, who is helping her study algebra. MJ tells Peter he's an amazing tutor, but only turns off the TV after the spot on Spider-Man is over.

Midtown High.

Queens, New York.

MJ thanks Peter for helping her with her algebra when Harry appears. Mary Jane asks Peter to excuse them, and drags Harry off to talk, telling him to stop using Peter to see her and that she needs time away. Harry tells MJ that Homecoming wasn't his fault, but MJ just can't stop thinking about it.

At the Coffee Bean, Liz is finally acting friendly toward MJ. Liz and MJ muse about how funny the world is. Before Homecoming, this was their favourite booth and the four of them (with Harry and Flash) were best friends. Liz starts ranting about Flash and Homecoming, but MJ stops her, not wanting to relive that trainwreck of a night.

MJ tells Liz that there's someone she wants to go out with, and Liz assumes it's Peter Parker. MJ, however, reveals that she just hasn't given up on Spider-Man. Mary Jane tells Liz that she doesn't believe all of the times she's run into (and been saved by) Spider-Man are a coincidence, and that it's fate. Liz dismisses the idea, but MJ doesn't lose hope.

Later, Peter Parker finds MJ in the library mapping out all of Spider-Man's sightings. MJ tells Peter about her plan to date Spider-Man, and he laughs at her, making her angry. Mary Jane tells Peter to stop judging her and that she will date Spider-Man, no matter what.


Mary Jane starts stalking Spider-Man, but he ignores her every time. Finally, MJ corners him on a rooftop as he's beating up a villain. MJ asks Spider-Man out, and he tells her that he can't. Spidey tells Mary Jane to stop looking for him.

At the next tutoring session, MJ turns off the television as a Spider-Man spot comes on. Peter remarks on how unexpected that is, and MJ tells him that she's over her obsession. Mary Jane tells Peter that she's found something new to occupy her time, and hands him a flyer for auditions for the school play, Twelfth Night. Peter tells MJ that he thinks she'd be a great actor, but asks her why she gave up on Spidey. Mary Jane says that it was Spider-Man's rejection.







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Farbeit from me criticize the Marvel, DC, or any of the other decent publishers of the comics that I've enjoyed for the better part of 40 years, but I can hold my tongue no longer on this Marvel/Manga collaboration, or rather abomination, that have been on the newsstands over the past couple years. To be fair, I understand that sometimes you need to reinvent your characters to keep then fresh and new for the modern day comic buyer while holding on to enough of the fundamentals that keep us life ...

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