theansweris42's Spider-Man: Fever #1 - Part One: Insecticide review

Not very conventional

Sometimes a comic choosing not to be as conventional as some of its peers can be a very good thing.  In the case of Spider-Man Fever I'm going to say it's up in the air.   
The story is Dr. Strange nabs the final book to his set, a journal of an old school master of the Occult, Albion Crawley.  After opening the book, a trap is sprung sending magic spiders all of the city.  For some reason they pick out Spider-man with the idea of eating on his soul.....annnnnnnnd scene. 
Sadly that's about all that happened in this book, which makes me wonder if this three part mini series will pittle about like this in every issue.   
But anyway, the story is split up into three sub-plots.  Spiderman, Dr. Strange, and the Demon Spiders.  Though there are some small things that bother me.  Why would Dr. Strange allow a trap to go untended to?  Why didn't Spider's scenses go off when the demon was going to grab him?  Why does magic involve rainbows? 
And while on the subject of rainbows, this is probably the most colorful Spider-man book ever.  The pictures are layered and filled with an amazing amount of color.  It reminds me much of the new Alice in Wonderland, which is refreshing after reading the Gauntlet so long.  Though I think the drab color pallet of Gauntlet is fitting for the series it is nice to see a bit more color on the page.  Also the writing involving the Demon Spiders usually are almost sing song, so as far as I can tell the creative team for this book is doing their best to channel Wonderland.    
With all that on the table, I have a hard time suggesting someone to buy this book.  I would suggest reading it in the store if you can, or maybe get it if there isn't much else you want.  I am glad I got this just for the sake of having something different thought.

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