Spider-Man Family announcement coming...

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Yeah I'm gonna tease this one. I put up two "announcements" today. I'll save this one for tomorrow.

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Okay, I put up the preview to Spider-Man Family #3. I like the art. It's different. Gives it an almost nostalgic/fun feel to it. The Spider-Man Family comics have been interesting. There's quite a bit in a single issue. See the entry for issue #2 for example: http://www.comicvine.com/comic/spider-man-family/18459/108333/. The reprints are great if you don't own them or haven't already owned them. The other stories can get kinda weird. It seems like they're giving non-mainstream writers and artists a chance to do Spidey. And that Spider-Man J story...where else would we be able to read a manga Spidey story without importing a book?


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