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Remember back in the day, when super heroes would fight other super heroes? What? That still happens? Civil…what? Well, ANYway…we’re taking you back in time, when Spidey was pretty new at all this super hero stuff, and would make silly mistakes, like, oh, say..knocking out the Invisible Girl! I think her friends might want to have a talk with the web-crawler…

Also! We’ve got a backup story featuring TWO Scorpions, Spider-Man J and classic Spidey archives !

Electrical Problems

The Fantastic Four are fighting Gomdulla, a giant...mummy when Spider-Man comes to assist them. Sue has been giving orders and thanks Spider-Man for his help. Peter later shows up at the Daily Bugle and sells pictures of the fight to J. Jonah Jameson. He is hoping for a higher pay rate becaues Aunt May needs to pay her electric bill. Obviously Jameson refuses.

The next day at the Baxter Building, Sue is upset at Jameson's editorial about Spider-Man being a menace. He claimed that Spider-Man was working with Gomdulla. She is the only one in the Fantastic Four that is concerned about the lie. Johnny claims that if it's printed it must be true. Sue pulls out another printed item, an invoice from Machismo Motors where Johnny used their funds for a car customization. She plans on going to the bank to cancel the payment.

At the bank, Peter is also there hoping to deposit his payment to pay Aunt May's electric bill on time. Suddenly, Electro barges in demanding all the money. Peter goes to change into Spider-Man and on the other side of the bank, Sue turns invisible to sneak up on Electro. As Electro talks on and on, Spider-Man crawls on the roof to get nearer and Sue picks up a brick from Electro's destruction and gets ready to hit him with it. Spider-Man jumps down and gets ready to hit Electro. He is unaware that the invisible Sue is standing in between them. He swings to punch but hit Sue instead. As she lies on the floor, unconscious, the rest of the Fantastic Four arrive.

The Fantastic Four are not happy. When Sue mumbles that Spider-Man hit her before she passes out again, Reed punches Spider-Man out of the bank. Electro, hiding in the bank, zaps the Thing from behind. Thinking its a "sneak attack, Ben and the Human Torch follow him out. Cars are swung at him and fire is shot. When Ben tries to punch Spider-Man and misses, the bank wall starts to crumble. Ben tries to hold it up and Spider-Man helps by webbing it. Ben rethinks his and Johnny's actions since Spider-Man helped and keeps saying hitting Sue was an accident.

Electro, hiding in the bank, zaps Johnny. Thinking it's another sneak attack from Spider-Man, the fight begins again. Ben tries stopping him but he shoots a blast of fire and singes Spider-Man in the wrist. Now Spider-Man is upset and bounds Johnny to a fire hydrant. As the Thing approaches him, Spider-Man rips off a car door and hits Ben with it. Ben tries to hit him but instead hits an invisible force field. Sue has recovered. With everything cleared up, they go after Electro.

Sue promises to put out a press release how Spider-Man helped them against Electro and the mummy. Peter Parker heads home to find that the electric has been shut off. He did not make the payment since he was busy fighting Electro.

Scorpion in...Namesake

this story takes place before Civil War

Mac Gargon, Venom, sees that someone new is using the name, Scorpion. Not happy with that, he arranges a meet with her. He begins to attack her. When she gets caught in his webs, it appears that she is caught. She gets a big power surge and blasts Venom. Venom's webbing is a natural formation from the toxic symbiote and Scorpion's power is to absorb toxins.

Having Venom on the ropes, he takes off. Scopion has been able to live up to her namesake.

What If Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four?

reprint from What If #1

Uatu tells us about the reality where Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four after their first meeting. Spider-Man was hoping to join their team in order to make some money. After finding out they were a non-profit organization, Spider-Man leaves. Sue is able to convince him to come back and Reed says they could probably work something out. He reveals his identity to them and later they have a press conference announcing the Fantastic Five.

They have many successful missions but soon the Sub-mariner enters the scene. Using a hypno-fish, he is able to place Sue under his spell. They leave for his undersea domain. It turns out that the Puppet Master has been controling Namor. He sets the next part of his plan to destroy the Fantastic Five in motion. Soon the rest of the team head toward the sea to confront Namor.

The fight goes on and on. Puppet Master tires of its lenght and commands Namor to finish them instead of holding back. Namor is able to break free just as a giant squid attacks the Puppet Master's submarine. The Fantastic Five and the Sub-Mariner are not finished. Sue, in tears, stops them from continuing. She says she is the only one that can settle things once and for all. She says she loves both Reed and Namor in different ways. The Fantastic Five do not need here since they have Spider-Man. She chooses to go with Namor. Namor reveals that he has a machine that will allow Sue to be transformed so she can survive in the sea. When she is transformed, she finds that she is choking. Namor did not consider that she would not be able to breath air anymore. He takes her away into the ocean.

The Fantastic Four leave. Even though he is saddened over losing his love, he knows that Sue will be able to calm Namor's temper against the surface world. Spider-Man blames himself for Sue's decision. Johnny tells him it's not his fault. He says it probably comes down to fate.

Spider-Man J: The Bigger They Are

As Peter is with his Aunt May, they run into his friend, the Detective. The Detective is soon kidnapped by a giant enemy named B-Warrior Tough Goraias in order to lure Spider-Man J. Rather than grabbing the Detective, he accidentally grabs Aunt May. They fight things work out in the end. Aunt May invites the Detective over for her (spicey) curry.

The Mini Marvels presents HULK DATE

Hulk wants to go out on a date with Betty Ross but doesn't know what to do. Storm, the Thing, Hawkeye, and Captain America give him advice. Hilarity ensues.

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