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Venom is back in town, and he's on a rampage...but it has nothing to do with his vendetta against Spidey? What could be so important that Venom doesn't have the time to torture his nemesis? Peter Parker is determined to find out, but first he'll have to match journalistic wits with none other than Eddie Brock! Plus a new backup tale by Paul Benjamin & Vasilis Lolos, featuring the Lizard! And fresh from Japan…Spider-Man J! Printed for the first time in America and translated for your reading pleasure! AND…classic tales from Amazing Spider-Man #177 and #347! That enough Spidey for ya?

Venom (Eddie Brock) attempts to murder a rich businesswoman, Ione Damasco, and is stopped by Spider-Man. Rather than fight him, Venom does something different. He tells Spider-Man to mind his own business and leaves. The woman, rather than thankful for having her life saved, goes off on Spider-Man. When he tries to find out why Venom would be after her, the police arrive. Now it is Spider-Man's turn to leave.

The next morning over breakfast, Peter decides that Venom needs to be put away for good. He hates the fact that Venom has terrorized Mary Jane. He heads over to the Daily Bugle to ask Ben Urich if he knows anything about Venom's attack on the businesswoman. Ben doesn't know. When Peter asks about the names of other businessmen that was mentioned, Ben tells him that one of them could be a CEO that was suffocated in his home the past week. Peter then goes down to the Bugle's morgue to look over the paper's archives. Finally he finds an article with the three names (and others). Another businessman was mauled to death two weeks ago. Peter now wonders why Eddie Brock is after these people.

Ione is in her apartment surrounded by hired guards. When she goes to be alone in her room, she finds another guard in there. It turns out to be Brock in disguise. The next day, it's reported that she's dead. Peter returns to the Bugle to tell Ben that he's found the connection. The list of names he's compiled has over twenty names on it. Ben insists that Peter hands over the information to the police and avoid Venom at all costs.

Continuing his search for a connection with Venom and the others, Peter finally recieves a tip. Paying a visit to one of the businessmen, Spider-Man confronts him over what he's done. They were working on a hair growth drug. Pressed for time, they began testing it on unwilling transients. Because so many were killed, Venom is after them for vengeance. Finally Spider-Man asks how they were able to keep reporter Eddie Brock quiet.

Just then, Venom arrives. He tells Spider-Man that first they try a bribe. Then they say they've hired a hit man to kill your wife. The two begin to fight. As they smash around the place, an electrical fire begins. The fire causes Venom to have to flee since his symbiote hates fire. Peter saves the businessman but delivers him to the police. Ben is able to write the story (with the research notes from Eddie Brock). Venom is somewhat pleased. But he says he is not finished with Spider-Man just yet.

Dr. Curt Connors checks in on his star grad student to find out about his "secret experiment." Connors notices that the machinery he's working on is similar to a genetic replicator. The nervous student explains that it replaces genes that are switched off in one species with active ones from another. As the student rushes to the door to pay for his dinner, Curt notices lizards in a cage. Outraged, he tells the student that he has no idea what he's getting himself into. The student replies that he knows Connors' secret. Connors is baffled as to why he would continue working on an experiment that turned himself into a monster. He begins destroying the lab. The reptile cage is damaged and Connors transforms into the Lizard.

The Lizard tries to kill the student but he fights back. The student says that he won't let him destroy his work when he is so close to finding a cure. The Lizard and the student are thrown back. The student falls into the smashed replicator (that happens to have one of the lizards in it) and there is an explosion.

Curt awakes, back to normal but saddened over what has happened to his student. The paramedics arrive to take the student away who now has the mind of reptile himself. As they leave, none notices a pinned lizard amidst the wreckage that can speak and asks Dr. Connors for help.

Flash Thompson is thrown from a window by the new Green Goblin. Determined not to allow someone else close to him die, Spider-Man rushes to the window, snags Flash with a web, and puts him safely on the roof. The Goblin pushes Spider-Man out. He manages to catch the side of the building with a web and swings down to street level. He is unable to stop himself as he heads towards a driving car. He avoids causing injuries by smashing through the back doors of the car. The driver is enraged and tries to start a fight with Spider-Man. Spider-Man apologizes and leaves. As the man drives away, he smashes into another car.

Spider-Man goes back to talk to Flash and see if he's okay. Flash is stunned over the recent events. At first he thought Harry was acting out his Goblin fantasies by dressing up as him. But this time the voice was different and he was way stronger than Harry. Harry is also missing. Spider-Man has to leave as the sound of police sirens approach. Spider-Man wants Flash to continue to believe this is the case. (No one knows that this is actually another Green Goblin).

In an abandoned warehouse, the Green Goblin talks to a hooded individual that is tied up. It is his plans to become the crime boss of all of New York. He says he's covered the face of the individual because he couldn't stand to look at his snivelling face. He does thank him for their psychiatric sessions. He leaves because he has discovered a meeting that night with the top criminals in the city.

Peter visits Aunt May in the hospital. She seems to be doing better after her attack the day before. He leaves when Mary Jane and her aunt arrive to look after her.

Deep in thoughts over the Green Goblin and all the misery he's caused him, Peter stumbles across a gangland execution. The killers are all knocked out but he finds an invitation to the secret meeting after it fell out of one of their pockets. Spider-Man plans on crashing the meeting just as Aunt May has another attack in the hospital. Mary Jane tries to call him but Peter is not home.

The criminal meeting is being conducted by Silvermane. The Green Goblin crashes through the window. He says he wants control over the criminals of New York. The criminals try to stop the Goblin but he is too quick and strong for them. Once they realize they are no match, Silvermane decides to listen to the Goblin. He tells them that he can stop the one superhero that has caused them the most problems. He says he knows who Spider-Man really is. Spider-Man is listening in an air duct and knows that he is about to be finished if the Goblin reveals his identity.

Spider-Man awakes to find himself on an island with Venom. Venom says that their fights were always interrupted by outsiders. As Eddie Brock, he chartered a plane to bring him to a deserted island. There used to be a mining activity on the island but a disaster destroyed the mine and all the people eventually left. Spider-Man shoots Venom in the face with webbing and takes off.

Venom rips off the webbing, begins singing the theme to Giligan's Island, and prepares for the hunt. After swinging some ways across the island, Spider-Man stops for a drink at a pond only to discover Venom, using his chameleon powers, in the water as he pulls him under.

In Pittsburgh, Mary Jane is at her sister's wathing over her nephews. Peter sent her there to keep her safe from Venom. When she is pelted in the face by a snowball, she goes off on them but soon gathers her wits. She tries to be strong for Peter and helps her nephews with their snowman.

Back on the island, the battle continues underwater. Peter manages to grab a piece of wood and hits Venom across the face, smashing some of his teeth. This allows Peter to escape again. He finds an abandoned village near a graveyard. He tries to set a trap and waits for Venom, who has managed to sneak up on him since he doesn't trigger his spider-sense.

The snare-rope Peter rigged slows down Venom briefly. Peter falls into a mine shafts and smells gas. Peter runs again. He sets up another trap as Eddie Brock sits in front of a fire. Peter grabs a piece of flaming wood from the fire and Venom gives chase. After walking into a string of web, Venom grabs a nearby van and throws it at the flaming glow in the distance as Spider-Man tries to escpae. There is a big explosion as Venom remembers the gas. He finds the tattered remains of Spider-Man's costume on a skeleton and is pleased that Spider-Man is now dead.

Meanwhile Peter swims out to a nearby ship as Eddie decides to stay on the island now that Spider-Man is gone. He believes there is no longer a reason for Venom to exist.

A manga adventure of Spider-Man J helping SWAT Detective Flynn defeate the eveil Wasperus.

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