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Spider-man has come to give a charity show in a circus. But it seems that he has been hypnotized by the Ringmaster. So is the rest of the audience. Except one man. Matt Murdock wonders what has happened to the crowd. He slips behind the arena and changes into Daredevil. He sees the Ringmaster and Spider-man. The Ringmaster tries to hypnotize him but fails. He orders Spider-man to kill Daredevil. Spider-man obeys Ringmaster's commands with jerky movements, long enough for Daredevil to separate Ringmaster from his hat. He uses the hat to bring Spider-man back to normal. He and Spider-man together tackle the other circus actors and bring them down. Daredevil slips away. Spider-man survives an attack from Ringmaster and knocks him out. Then he uses the hat to bring the audience back to normal.

Kraven the Hunter watches all of this from behind. He releases a giant gorilla and steps into the arena to tackle it. He speaks before the crowd that he is here to hunt Spider man.

Kraven speaks to Chameleon about Spider-man and hatches plans to bring him down.

J.Jonah Jameson tells Peter to get pictures of Kraven capturing Spider-man. That night, Spider-man runs into Kraven after taking down a bunch of goons. Kraven proves too much for Spider-man. Spider-man cannot defend himself and Kraven strikes him with a nerve venom. Then he leaves the scene.

The next day, Peter finds his hands shaking uncontrollably. He sees a picture of Kraven in the newspaper, then hunts for him on the internet. May Parker comes in and asks him to go out with Mary Jane someday.

Spider-man comes to Central Park and finds Kraven jogging. He chases him but falls into a net. A second Kraven comes out and puts two magnetic bands on his limbs. Spider-man struggles to keep them from bonding together. He attacks Kraven but finds that it is Chameleon wearing Kraven's mask. Spider-man renews his search and traps the real Kraven in a web. He delivers a mighty punch which shatters the magnetic bands. He leaves Kraven trussed up for the police to find him.

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