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Spider-Man intervenes when he sees three Hatian immigrants beating a man, but is shocked when the

zombie-like 'victim' strikes him. A bullet fired by one of the Hatians grazes the man's skull, knocking him out. Spider-Man delivers the man to the Ravencroft Institute, then goes to the Daily Bugles offices as Peter Parker.

Glory Grant arrives, back from her Caribbean vacation. Along with typical tourist photos, she shows Peter, Robbie Robertson and Betty Brant photos of Hatian refugees picked by her cruise ship. Glory explains the refugees' boat sank near Long Island sometime later.

Peter then shows Glory his photos of Spider-Man stopping the beating, and she recognizes the 'victim' as her cousin Ramon.

Peter and Glory visit Ramon at Ravencroft, but he responds only animalistically. Dr. Kafka had diagnosed him as having been injected with tetrodotoxin, used to create zombie-like slaves.

Seeing Glory back to her apartment, they find the three Hatians Spider-Man encountered earlier have broken in. One is then shot by a man who introduces himself as Special Agent J. R. "Junior" Walker, nicknamed Shotgun, while the others run off. Walker dismisses Peter to discuss his case with Glory.

Meanwhile, at an East River waterfront, the Zombie (Simon Garth) emerges from the depths.

In her home, Glory tells of the last night of her cruise: unable to sleep, she roamed the ship, coming across a hold where the refugees were sleeping, looking dead. Suddenly, a frantic man appeared, talking of "the man-spider", and placing the Talisman of Damballah around her neck.

Walker reveals he also was on the cruise ship, tracking a designer drug shipment. He suspects the cache is still on the sunken boat. Outside Glory's window the Zombie climbs the fire escape. Spider-Man, coming to check on Glory, tackles the Zombie, who throws him through the window into Glory's living room. Spidey and Walker fight the Zombie, while Glory, oddly, chants over the talisman, then the creature vanishes. Spider-Man leaves to meet with Dr. Kafka and Glory offers Walker her couch for the night.

Later, Walker wakes to find Glory, dressed in revealing jungle attire, approaching to kiss him.

The next morning, Walker prepares to dive down to the wreck to search for the drugs, and has agreed to let Glory, a certified diver, go down with him. As they get ready, Walker mentions their late night encounter, which she has no recollection of.

Reaching the refugees' sunken boat, Walker does indeed find the drugs, but is ambushed by the Zombie, who jars loose an anchor which pins the agent to the seabed. Walker nails the Zombie to the hull with a harpoon, but when Glory tries to free the agent, the anchor won't budge. Desperate, she injects him with a drug-filled syringe to radically slow his breathing.

Spider-Man again meets with Kafka, finding her office in shambles. The doctor explains that Glory showed up, in a jungle costume, freed Ramon, and mentioned the name, "Sergei". Spidey suspects Glory may be possessed, and thinks he knows by whom.

At a cemetery, Glory, speaking with the voice of another, commands Ramon to exhume the coffin containing what she claims is her restored body. As she is about to transfer her spirit to the corpse, the Zombie appears and snatches the amulet. The possessed Glory orders Ramon to take it back. Spider-Man arrives and confronts her, calling her "Calypso". She confirms his deduction and explains that as she lay mortally wounded by the Lizard months before, she transferred her soul into the talisman, where it would remain while her body, in a state of living death, would mystically heal, awaiting her spirit's return.

Wanting to free Glory from Calypso's influence, Spidey snags the amulet, and returns it to her. She completes the transfer while he and the Zombie battle. Then Glory, herself again, orders the Zombie to stop, and gives him the talisman, whereupon he departs, as the revived Calypso just did.

Soon, at Ravencroft, Dr. Kafka injects the comatose Walker with an antidote, and he recovers.

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