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Captives of Hydra within Don Fortunato's fortress estate, SHOC is experimented on by Dr. Andrea Janson, while Peter Parker tries to fight off a hunger-mad Morbius.  Simultaneously, an armed force stealthily invades the compound, killing guards and stunning Peter, Morbius, Janson and SHOC.   They are now captives of Hammerhead and his gang.   Crown, dying from his powers, and losing hope that Janson's work can save him, vows to retrieve them. 

At his apartment building, Hammerhead explains to the shackled Peter, SHOC and Morbius that, criminal though he may be, he will not see his city infiltrated by the likes of Hydra.  As the gang leader holds a gun to Peter's head, SHOC agrees to join Hammerhead against Hydra, despite Pete's protests.  The crime boss then orders two of his thugs to "drop [Peter] off somewhere", which they take to mean, 'off the building'.  After being pushed, he grabs the wall and changes to Spider-Man, raring to go into action. 

Shortly, Crown and his Hydra troops attack Hammerhead's building from the roof, unconcerned with the criminals' families who reside on the floors below.  Morbius breaks free to enter the fray.  Spider-Man, SHOC and Hammerhead all attack Crown, but are quickly overcome.  Morbius, in a rare display of his humanity, attacks Crown, who finally succumbs to his own deadly power.  As Crown's body overloads to a massively destructive level, SHOC augments Spider-Man's web-shooters with his powers to contain the resultant blast.  The battle is over, Crown and Morbius vanished, and in return for their aid, Hammerhead allows Spider-Man and SHOC to depart unhindered.

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