brewski420's Spider-Man #75 - Revelations Part 4: Night of the Goblin! review


"Revelations" conclusion. This comic by far is my favorite comic of all time. It's written by Howard Mackie and drawn by the great John Romita Jr. In this beautiful piece of art we have the return of the original Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn. We have Norman trapping all the people Peter cares about in the Daily Bugle building and having it rigged to blow and kill them all. We also have Peter finding out finally that he is in fact the original Peter Parker and not the clone. So Ben Reilly is actually the clone after all. Norman and Peter have a great battle and conversation. The writing in this is just really fantastic. I mean we have these 2 arch enemies going at it for the first time again in 23 years.(our time). It's just awesome. So finally we have Peter defeating Norman and Ben Reilly comes along to help just to get impaled by the goblin glider. The Goblin has finally, after all these years has killed Peter Parker.(at least a clone of Peter Parker). The real Peter has another lil fight with Norman, which looks like the death of Norman Osborn again. After Norman is taking care of Peter goes to Ben's side to be with him as he died. That's a real deep moment. Then Ben dissolves into dust proving that he was the clone. After all that Peter finally gets to the hospital to see his wife and to find out that their baby didn't make it. They decide to start their life over together. And that's the end of this wonderful comic. Great comic and great story telling. Def go get this comic. 
Posted by 1DVGamer7

Ben Reily put his life on the line in order to protect what he thought was the 'clone'. 
R.I.P. Ben Reily - the clone with the heart of gold. aka: peter parker. 

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