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An Infinity War crossover.  Peter is having a nightmare about some of his enemies hovering over him. Peter wakes up screaming next to Mary-Jane. He then puts on the Spider-Man Suit and heads out to do his job as a hero. As he saves a guy from being attacked by another, Monsterous figure watches him from a distence.

Meanwhile Jason Mcendale has a nightmare of him being attacked by demons. One of them is Demogoblin. Jason then wakes up training and puts on the Hobgoblin costume. He is on a mission to kill Demogoblin.

As Spidey swings around town, we his passed by Hobgoblin who is in the middle of a battle with Demogoblin. Demogoblin throws a pumpkin bomb at Hobgoblin but misses. Instead he hits a build and debree ands up falling on people. Spider Man swings down to save him, some barbed-webing cuts Spidey's web causing him to fall. Spidey lands on Hobgoblin and both fall to the bottom. All of a sudden out of the fog, Doppleganger leaps out and attacks Spider-Man. Hobgoblin leaves Spider-Man to die at the hands of Doppleganger. He soon gets attacked by Demogoblin and his fire covered bats.

All of a sudden Spidey has the upper hand of the fight by lifting Doppleganger and throws him into the street. This does nothing. Instead Doppleganger ends up throwing cars all over the place. Right where this street is, Demogoblin's fire bats are hitting innocents as well. Spidey then his Demogoblin from behind. Hobgoblin flies away only to have Spidey hang onto his glider by his webing.

Hobgoblin tries to blast Spider of his glider but both are knocked out by Doppleganger's razor webing. Both hit the ground and are corned by both Demogoblin and Doppleganger. Hobgoblin pulls out a new gun and starts blasting it at Demogoblin. Meanwhile Spiderman gets into a hand to hand combate with Doppleganger. Hobgoblin fires a vicious blast at Demogoblin blasting him off his glider. Spider defeates Doppleganger by knocking his to the ground. As Spidey turns around he sees Hobgoblin pointing the new gun right at Spider-Man's face. Just as Hobgoblin is about to pull the trigger, Doppleganger gets back up and jumps at Spider-Man but his Spidey-sence goes off and Spidey ducks. Hobgoblin's blast his Doppleganger instead, and the blade sents Doppleganger to land right on a set of metal spikes.

Hobgoblin tells Spidey that the gun is now empty and that he is tired. He flies away from Spider-Man. Spider-Man then swings away to find Reed Richards to find out what Doppleganger is.

Minutes later Demogoblin turns out to be alive. He flies over to Doppleganger and pulls him off of the spikes. He then lifts him up and flies away with him. Demogoblin then says to an unconious Doppleganger, "You may be of use in my campaign against evil mindless one. We will see."

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