What did you think of the futureistic version of Doctor Octopus?

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Now i personally loved the female version of her in the game as well as the back and forth she had with spiderman 2099 but i was wondering if she was created just for the game or was she also in the comics?
Shattered Dimensions
If she was i was wondering what story arc or issue number so i could read up in the character.
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@comkid100:  to answer your question she is an modified version of lady octopus of the marvel (616) just made for the game ..
but lady octopus was created during the 90s so If I was you I would be looking into the clone saga trades ( or look for a few loose issues of 90s era amazing spider -man (mostly around the 300 issues area for what answers you can find .) or you could use the comic vine search to read up as much as you need and to find out which trades she in..hey you might actually get lucky .
and remember stay thirsty my friends !
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She was pretty cool. I kinda liked her better than Carolyn Trainer. But I doubt she will be in the comics, since they don't run 2099 series anymore.

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She looks like a MGS character.

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You know, I'm sad that I couldn't find more of this game's art online. This was actually the only piece of her art I could find. 

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She was pretty good in the Shattered Dimensions game. I've never encountered her anywhere else.

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