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In the year 2099, Miguel O'Hara, brilliant scientist and head of the Genetics Program at Alchemax Corporation, attempted to reset his genetic code after his boss, Tyler Stone, poisoned him with the addictive genetic drug. His jealous supervisor, Aaron DelGato, sabotaged Miguel's experiment. Aaron's interference accidentally transformed Miguel into mutated blend of man and spider - Spider-Man 2099!

The third and final part of the Spider-man 2099 Origin Story.


Miguel concludes his journal entry to Lyla of his transformation.

The Thorites entered the battle against Venture, Alchemx's #1 hired cyborg, in defense of Spidey, the "Harbinger of Thor." Venture quickly trashed the group. Spidey’s charge was countered by a nerve-numbing shock to his right arm via Venture's rod. While Spidey planned his next move, Venture killed "Balder", a Thorite. Furious, Spidey connected with a powerful left hook. Remembering a need to throw the hunter off from connecting Spidey to his civilian identity, Spidey fled to his apartment, backtracking over his own heat path. Spidey ran through his apartment and out the window he broke out of before. Venture pursued, apparently unable to make the connection to discover Miguel's secret. While the itching on Spidey's arms increased, he landed another blow on Venture with a sneak attack. However, Venture zapped his chest, and tied him up in a molecularly dense body wrap.

Back in the apartment, Gabriel questioned Lyla as to what had happened to Miguel. The scene ended with Gabriel asking, "What was he wearing?"

With his talons, Spidey shredded the bonds and Venture's boot jets. As the two struggled in mid-air, Venture grabbed Spidey triggering the back of his forearms to spurt out a face-full of webbing. After a crash-landing, Venture ripped the webbing off his optical sensors. Spidey lifted a maglev car, aiming the magnetic bottom at Venture. While the car repelled his gun, Venture stood his ground. Rather than run away, Spidey closed in. Spidey slashed Venture's leg with his foot-talons, and stalled his adversary while the magnetized gun returned, slamming into Venture's metal back. Grabbing his opponent's rod, Spidey jammed it into the exposed wiring on his legs, shorting out his circuitry and successfully defeating him.

Spidey left and spent the next few days randomly travelling the city to throw off any other hunters from following his heat paths. At home, finishing his story to Lyla, Miguel realized he's at a point in his life when, for the first time, he doesn't know what to do. While Miguel counted everything wrong with his life, Tyler Stone knocked on his door!

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