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Miguel just had a fight with his fiancee, Dana. His ex-girlfriend, Xina, just fixed his holoagent. The two now head out to visit an old friend. Meanwhile, Sgt. Estevez has been mutated into Subject 394...what's he up to?


Xina takes Mig for a mercilessly fast ride in an antique car heading to Nightshade to visit their former headmistress, Angela Daskalakis. Xina hits the "breaks" (parachutes) and activates a portable version of Lyla for Mig, with a message from Gabriel. Mig recalls his last conversation with his brother where he expressed his wishes to be left alone.

At the Alchemax talent search division, 6 gentlemen, the Corporate Raiders, discuss a hostile take over of Nightshade. Mr. Pembert, the Corporate Headhunter, leads the team to open their briefcases and transform into...

Mig and Xina have a fond reunion with Angela. Before she takes them on a tour, she identifies Mig as an Alchemax and due to competition, requests that he visit other parts of the town outside of the reseach and development labs.

At the same time, as the Corporate Raiders approach Nightshade, Gabe and Kasey start to get romantic. Kasey whispers that Gabe's secret is safe with her...that he's Spider-Man!

In 2099, a hostile takeover is a literal thing. Alchemax's team begin their assult upon Nightshade. The town's plasma cannons fire upon the cars of the Raiders. Miguel suits up, while the beastial Subject 394 begins to bust loose. The Raiders - armed and armored ensconsed in a metallic coating, announce their intent and call for the town's surrender. Spidey attacks with a slash against the Corporate Headhunter. A monsterous voice comes from behind Spidey declaring his puzzlement as to who to kill first.

Young Miguel O'Hara in "Coming to a Head"

Miguel, Xina, and Kron are ouside playing soccer many years previous. Kron dives at Mig, leaving Kron flat on his face. Kron grabs Mig's shorts and pulls them down. Everyone laughs. Kron challenges Mig to a fight, but Mig runs. The coach saw the whole thing and berates Kron. Unflappable, Kron counters by offering the coach a call to his father's private line.

Xina catched up to Mig, and apologizes for laughing at him along with the rest of the class. But, at the same time, she warns Mig that he has to start to learn to stick up for himself or else he'll always be the victim.

Later that night, as Xina exits the shower, Kron is waiting for her...with a knife!

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