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Peter is reading the newspaper and realizes that the recent killings are from the Lizard. Calypso sends the Lizard after Spider-Man. During their battle, the Lizard is killed by debris. Calypso does some more voodoo that causes Spider-Man more pain.


It's the middle of the night and two business men leave a bar. As they walk down the street they are attacked by the Lizard.

The next morning Peter is enjoying breakfast with MJ and noticed the new paper stating that two more killings have taken place. In a picture. The letters CNNR are written in blood. At that point he knows that the killings are being done by the Lizard. He leaves with his Spider-Man suit.

Elsewhere back at the dark santuary, the mystery figure is creating a spell mixing a spider and a lizard into a boiling pot.

All of a sudden, Spider-Man is pushed off a roof but grabs onto a building but accidently smashes himself into a glass window. Spider-Man gets back up only to get violently tackled by the Lizard and cut across the chest. Spider-Man jumps out of the way and throws a big desk at Lizard but Lizard cuts right threw it. Spider-Man who is in pain escapes into an elevator only to have Lizard rip threw the metal doors seeking Spider-Man's blood. Without thought, Spider-Man kicks Lizard back and land on broken jagged metal that pierces threw Lizards chest killing him. Spider-Man freaks out to the thought of Killing Doc Conners but then lifts his head up to see Lizard is gone.

Meanwhile Mary Jane has fun in the city night life while the mystery figure conducts a spell on a spider. Meanwhile Spider-Man guilts over the actions he brought on Conners. All of a sudden it starts raining blood on him. He looks up and sees Lizard right above him about to attack.

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