renchamp's Spider-Man #16 - Sabotage X-Over, Part 1 review

Good for a Mix-Up

As an X-Force fan, it's incredibly refreshing to see a different artist's take on my characters. Todd McFarlane has an incredible style. Each page is a brilliant flash of color to compliment the very different depictions of the characters. Reading later New Mutants and original X-Force books gets a bit tedious after a while because, while Liefeld had a style that was all his own, the art could get stale. Everybody looks like they are going to lop off a head with Liefeld. McFarlane, however, puts a bit of comic in comics. The proportions are fun.

On the other hand, the content of this issue isn't all that great. For a Spider-Man book I'd expect a bit more of the webslinger, even if I am only reading it for the X-Force plot. Also, not much really happens. Juggernaut tosses a couple heroes around but nobody really makes any headway. Cable wants to find Black Tom but Gideon just wants to argue. Nothing really happens.

On a happier note, the sideways book makes for some interesting pictures. Having a wider platform for the story allows for some experimentation with the portrayal of the art. It works, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't get old by the end. All that said, I'd pass on this one because of the weak plot, but I'd buy on account that it's got my X-Force in it.


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