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Peter Parker is having troubles discussions with his wife, Mary Jane about the topic of their child. Mary says that she is frightened to concieve a mutant. She says that Peter's radioactive genes might affect their baby. Peter knows that it is the truth, but cannot bring himself up to face the fact that they may never have kids. He hates not knowing all the answers. But suddenly he sees a newspaper, highlighting the topic of the Beast giving lectures about Genetics at ESU. He says that he will be back and goes off as spiderman to find the beast.

When he arrives at the ESU, he sees a fight ensuing between the Beast and a mutant named Powerhouse. The crowd has gone wild and are scattering all over the place. Powerhouse uses her powers to drain the Beast's energy and knock him down. Spiderman sees his friend's trouble and gets into the fight. Beast takes this chance to take down Masterblaster, the prime reason for starting the fracas. Spiderman too doesn't fare too well against Powerhouse. She takes down the beast a second time. Spiderman summons all of his strength to deliver a mighty punch that sends Powerhouse crashing into the debris. The police arrive to break things up and spiderman takes the Beast with him for a chat.

Elsewhere, in a hospital, a baby grows rapidly into a big mutant and knocks down the hospital staff before making his getaway.

Beast hears about Spiderman's problems and presents him with a wide array of problems that Spiderman could face as the father of a mutant child. He tells him that the choices won't get easier. Their conversation is abruptly interrupted when they see action in the streets below. They jump into the scene.

The mutant from the hospital is tearing up the streets. Spiderman and Beast try to stop him. But the Beast is knocked down. The mutant rips open the street to reveal the sewers and jumps inside. Spiderman and Beast follow him. Spiderman tries to web the mutant but his efforts fail. The Beast tries to hit him but is knocked down a second time. Spiderman doesn't stand a chance against the mutant. The mutant splashes him into the waters and holds him under. Spiderman thinks about the future of Mary Jane and is deeply sorry.

But suddenly two people call out to the mutant. The mutant frees Spiderman and rushes towards them. He changes into a baby boy and jumps onto the hands of his father. The Beast, who has recovered, tellsthem that it is dangerous to have a mutant child roaming free. The father tells him that the Beast can keep the child, provided he is allowed to visit his baby whenever he wishes. The Beast assures him.

Spiderman comes home to find Mary Jane waiting for him. Mary asks him to postpone their plans about the child, because her acting career is starting to take off and having a baby might ruin that. Peter agrees readily and Mary Jane gives him a big hug.







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