What do you think of all the Spider-island tie-ins?

#1 Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k (5161 posts) - - Show Bio

I think, that they actually seem to be guite good, since we see all these characters (like Kingpin! That`s cool, right?) with spiderpowers. And the evnt itself is limited to a bunch of miniseries, done-in-one issues and ASM. So it`s not too big an event, and if you buy all of it, it probably wont be too expensive (in trade). So, that`s what I think. What do you think?

Oh, by the way, no spoilers. The spider-island story will be seen in Finland (where I live) after a year or so, meaning that I haven`t read it.

If you want to write about the event, I dont know, when it`s over, I`m fine with that. Assuming, there will be more messages to this thread. Well, I just wanted to write up my thoughts.

You have a good day now. Except if you`re evil. But if you`re one of my faforite villains, you can still have a good day. If you`re one of my faforite heroes, you can hav e a very good day.

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I've mostly enjoyed it so far.  Some of it has been absolute gold, such as Cloak & Dagger.  Some of it has been very 'meh' such as the villains one-shot that featured Hobgoblin & the Jackal.  But mostly I'm still enjoying it :)
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The Venom series seems to be going in an interesting direction at the very least.

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@MatKrenz said:

The Venom series seems to be going in an interesting direction at the very least.

I'm loving Flash as Venom. It's amazing. Anyone who is upset that Babs is back in the chair should check out Venom. The way they're handling his disability I think is very deftly handled. Whenever he's not in the suit, he's back in the chair, and they have it as a clear part of his character without being super-angsty about it all the time. So it's there and in your face but it does not define the character, which I think is arguably a good thing. (Then again, the first issue of Batgirl #1 seems to have been all about the trauma of her attack and that book was good too, so I guess either way with the right writer.)

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i only care about tie-ins if they truly have something to do with the main story, not just showing how others are dealing with the situation. Venom #6-8 works perfectly as tie ins (in fact the overall victory at the end wouldnt have worked without venom and this shows us what happened. Shang Chi-s tie in works for the most part, and i havent yet read the third but from ASM #672 i'd guess it wraps up and ties in nicely, cuz he's back with some things from his tie in. other things i havent read yet so i cant judge, but if it actually ties in, and not just a different character in the situation but not doing anything? like deadpool in fear itself. that wasnt a necessary tie in, it just showed what deadpool did while fear itself was going on, had nothing to do with the actual story.

#6 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29886 posts) - - Show Bio

The Venom tie-ins are awesome, just like the rest of the Venom book. I loved the villains one-shot (I love Phil Urich as Hobgoblin), and I like the Spider-Girl tie-ins as well.

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