(Review)Spider-Island:I love New York City

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Not all shameless tie-in's suck. If i was forced at gun point to admit one thing i love about Marvel comics way of doing business, it would be that they know exactly how to make you interested in their product. 

Spider Island: I love New York City numbers 1&2 are... pretty sweet. I usually have very nasty things to say about Marvel comics and their shameless tie-ins, but these are pretty cool, even i must admit. 
In case you didnt know, Spider-Island: ILNYC is the blanket title for a collection of Spider-Island shorts staring random New York citizens as they cope with their new powers. While i was under the impression that ILNYC was a one-shot due out in September, i have already read two different stories sharing the title in my MARVEL COMIXOLOGY iphone app.... FOR FREE!!! And i enjoyed them both immensely. 
Nine Livesrevolves around a spider-empowered street cat. Really, i dont think much else needs to be said about that, but incase
 your not sated by that, hows about some Venom Pigeon? Thats right. Spider-Cat and Venom Pigeon battling it out over NYC. There's not  much else i can say without giving the story away. But know that it was good enough for a Marvel nay-sayer like me to laugh out loud and download issue #2...

  Charlottes Web is the story of two thieves who bite off more than they can chew when they try to rob the home of spidered-out 6 year old Charlotte and her parents.   
As a guy who is disgusted by a large majority of the Marvel stories i read, for something from them to warrant one of my increasingly rare posts should attest to its awesome. Even though this IS still a stupid tie-in, its a damn good stupid tie-in. Worthy of my time and yours. 
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Cool. Maybe I`ll buy this in trade.

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