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"The Devil You Don't..."

*Spider-Island tie-in! This is it - The biggest decision in Spider-Girl's life! Caught in a war between The Kingpin, The Society of Wasps and a Manhattan infested by Spiders, Anya Corazon buckles down to protect her own – and will make a decision at the end of this story that will forever change Spider-Girl! Paul Tobin and Pepe Larraz bring you this fight-filled, web-walloping, death-defying tale to its rollicking conclusion!

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"And Spider-Man says he has bad luck..." 0

Synopsis:Anya goes through an all out war between both spiders and The Society of the Wasps. -What's Good? You know, it's pretty cool to see Spider-Girl lead an army of ninjas, and the situation was different, I'm pretty sure Anya would admit that it is cool.The action heats up with this issue with an all out battle between both spiders and wasps with a couple of surprises on the way. Pepe Larraz's artwork shines in what I think is his best work in this tie-in. It rivals Humberto Ramos exaggerat...

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Bummer 0

This mini-series started off so well. It didn't finish badly, but it just never quite matched the first issue. Also, I guess it's probably not a surprise what will happen at the end of the main Spider-Island series, but you might want to read this week's ASM before reading Spider-Girl as it gives away the ending. If you already have 1 and 2, get this one. Otherwise don't....

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The End of Spider-Island for Spider-girl 0

This my video review on Spider-Island Spider-girl #3. This issue is about Spider-girl trying to deal with Spider-Island with the help of villains and we get to see the end of Spider-Island for Spider-girl....

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