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Destiny Manifested

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The Good

Twelve Monkeys- Now here’s a writer who understands the nuances needed to write a tale about the future/Time Travel/Prediction! Dagger explains the trouble with knowing the future, by trying to prevent the disaster of any kind the person may cause the disaster itself. The reference to Twelve Monkey’s was well used and it doesn’t hurt I’m a huge fan of the Brad Pit and Bruce Willis epic. Take notes

Duane swierczynski this is what you should have used or at least mentioned in X-men: The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop #1.

Art- Emma Rios art is perfectly suited to this story and I can’t shower enough praise on the subtlety of emotions she conveys with minimal detail. An ongoing Drawn by her would be on my pull list monthly Guaranteed! Javier Rodriguez colors complement the inks on this issue perfectly as well, nothing over the top just complimentary sweet on point art.

Action- Ok you have to see the action sequences supplied by to understand my constant complaints about Black Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive. Emma Rios art shines in the action heavy moments of the issue, especially the sequence with Cloak. Trust me when I say it may be the action sequence highlight of 2011!

Villain- Mr. Negative has always been a weird villain to me but Nick Spencer’s use of him hits all the right notes.

Characterization- Central to Cloak and Dagger is there dedication to each other and Nick Spencer uses that to pull them into this latest tale while keeping their yearning to be free of each other and lead separate lives clear and apparent. Dagger wants to go to school Cloak wants to remain a hero, this dynamic duo are at odds about everything but their love.

Cover- Nice cover with the spider-man background while Cloak and Dagger fight in the foreground

The Bad

Art- At a casual glance some may be put off by the interior art.

The Ugly

This creative team makes compelling use of one of my favorite dynamic duos 4/5


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