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Spider Goddess was the Aztec goddess who was the protector of Teothuacan. She kept Quetzalcoatl away until 650 A.D. when something happened and the city of Teothuacan was destroyed.


Spider Goddess was created by Peter David for his series Supergirl.

Major Story Arcs


By touching a magic metal rod in the Pyramid of Teothuacan in Mexico, Supergirl is transported back in time to 650 AD. There she stops a human sacrifice to the Spider Goddess. Angry the Spider Goddess attacks Supergirl. Supergirl is able to defeat the Spider Goddess and travel back to her own time. Soon Supergirl comes back to the past and then Spider Goddess is able to get the jump on her and bites her leg. The poison causes Supergirl to be slower and gives Spider Goddess a chance to wrap her in webbing. Supergirl is able to escape when she grow fire wings and burns the webbing and Spider Goddess.

Powers and Abilities

Spider Goddess can shot webbing form her back side. She also has a poisonous bite.

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