Casting Spider-Girl Villains in the movies

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  Since I've gotten such a huge positive respondse to my Spider-Girl movie casting. I thought I would have some fun and find the actors that would be needed to fill in the roles of May's Rogues Gallery if the need ever arised:

Lady Octopus/Laurie Innes

  The fromer ER cast member is the perfect choice to play the inheritor to Dr. Octopus's legacy. Innes is a very talented actor and director and she has the look and approach to be Lady Ock.

 Funny Face/Jesse Metcalfe
  Formerly from Desperate House Wives. Jesse has a very good sense of comedic timing and has the presence to carry one of May's top foes on the big screen.

 Crazy 8/Penn Bagdley
  Straight from Gossip Girl, Penn played Jesse's younger brother in John Tucker must die. Penn could easily play the kooky dressed villain to perfection.

 Dr Jade/Alyssa Milano
  The former Charmed star is the right role and has the sexy look and talent needed to bring Lady Octpus's side kick to life.

  Mr. Abnormal/Josuah Jackson
  Right out of Fringe, Josh knows the feel for the weird and could play the stretchable villain very well. Plus, can't you see him in the sunglasses?

 Killerwatt/Luke Grimes
   Right from Brothers and Sisters, Luke's emo look and gruffness could fill the roll perfectly for May's electrical villain. He already has the coat.

 Mr. Nobody/Jackie Earle Haley
  From Watchman, Jackie is the perfect actor to play the teleporting/intangible hitman for the mob. He never even has to show his face.

 Claw/Justin Long
  The master jewel thief is great for Justine Long. He has the pretty boy appeal and we know he can play a very menacing villain as shown in Live Free or Die Hard.

  Bitter Frost/Spencer Grammer
  Kesley Grammer's daughter and current star of Greek. Spencer has the innocent girl appeal and bitter dorm room queen bee attitude to play Bitter Frost.

 Reverb/Gus Hoffman
   Gus was pretty much acting like the king of downtown on Lincoln Heights. Playing the sonic villain Reverb would be a perfect fit.

 Canis/Hugh Lauri
  Dr. House himself, considering Hugh's take on the handicapped doctor and his own natural gruff look. A little make up and some cutting people open would be right up his alley as Canis.

  Silverback/Ray Wise
  He played the Devil on Reaper. Being the current crime boss of New York with years in the game. Can't you just see Ray wearing the bowling shirt and killing off his flunkies with his 280 score?

  Black Tarantula/Rick Gonzalez
   While he would have to pump up a bit, Rick has always been playing the misunderstoon hero or villain for the last few years. He would fit the role well.

  Raptor/Emily Vancamp
  The former Everwood star would be the right fit for Normie Osborn's future wife. As the high sailing Bird of Prey.

Dragon King/John Goodman
  While CGI would be the name of the game when coming to bringing the Dragon King to life. John Goodman would be the perfect actor to provide the voice to the sinister foe.

Misery/Sarah Lancaster
  From Chuck, Sarah has the looks and acting chops to play the inheritor to Mysterio in Misery. Just darken her hair some more and add in the face tattoos and you are set.

Spyral/Eric Dane
  The Grey's Anatomy star is the right choice to play Spyral. Instead of being an old man who use to fight with the Fantastic Five. Eric would bring a more serious and more youthful take on the character.

 Dragon Fist/John Cho
   Right from Flash Forward, John's played the role of Sula perfectly in Star Trek. Dragon Fist is the perfect fit.

  Earthshaker/Glen Jacobs
  Professional wrestler Glen Jaconbs hits the villain just right. He be more of a throw away villain though.

 Quickwire/Neil Patrick Harris
  He's the show stopper and that's all Quickwire likes to do when bouncing around the place. Old Doogie Howser fits the bill.

Angel Face/Marcia Cross
  Funny Face and Crazy 8's mother is the right roll for Ms. Bree Vanda Camp from Desperate Housewives. Before she was Donna Reed wannabee she was pulling off her wig and showing her scars on Melrose Place.

 Chesbro/Ian Gomez
  He makes us laugh and being the Black Tarantula's little man slave is the right roll for Ian. Just give him the glasses and gun.

 Handsome Richie/Ashton Kutcher
   Considering how much Kutcher likes to make fun of his looks in various rolls, Playing mobster Richie Valentine is great for Ashton.

Fury/Anne Hawthaway
   If you have seen Anne act, you know she is perfect for the role of Fury the Goblin Queen. Just give her some blonde hair, the glider, costume and weapons and there is no stopping her.

Hobgoblin/Nathan Fillion
  The star of Castle and Firefly is so right to play the role of Roderick Kingsley its scary. The dark humor and his steal the show pressence would be perfect.


La Fantome/Kristen Bell
   Veronica Mars herself, Bell's great smile, witty attitude and charm would bring the role of Spencer Smythe's neice to life.

Deadshot/Brittany Snow
  The talented young actress could play the invisible killer to the T. With her one liners and stand her ground acting.

  Fancy Dan/John Stamos
  The former Enforcer role goes to old Uncle Jesse. Stamos is one of those actors who never ages and his greek background would make Fancy Dan a pretty brutal character in a movie.

  Cotton Mouth/Tony Todd
  It's Candyman! Come on, can't you see Tony Todd beating people and biting off their arms? I can.

Deadly Delilah/Stanna Katic
  The other star of Castle, Stanna would be a great choice for the Deadly Delilah with her street wise credit and great woman in charge attitude and comedic timing.

  Nucleus/Rachel G Fox
  Right from Glee and several other projects, Rachel would play the part of May's former classmate that goes mutant terrorist perfectly. From shy girl to all out badgirl.

 Wildcard/Hugo Weaving
  It's Hugo Weaving! He played V, Wildcard is the evil V in Spider-Girl's World. Where can you go wrong?
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Some if not most of thses casting decesions could work too!

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