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Mayday Parker has just learned a few days before that she is the daughter of the original Spiderman, and has somehow inherited his fantastic powers. So she has slipped into the web-lines of the web-slinger and her family doesn’t have the slightest inkling of what is going on behind their backs. Mayday possesses the proportionate speed, strength and agility of a spider, amazing reflexes and hopes to continue her dad’s superhero duties in the name of Spidergirl.

One fine day, May spots her friends Jimmy Yama and Heather Noble kissing each other. Jimmy shrugs May away as he has his girlfriend to attend to. May does not like this event.

May decides to visit her father in the Police Lab, where he works. After school, she arrives at the lab, but suddenly feels her spider-sense tingling. Trying to figure out what caused it, she spots two police officers, one male and the other female, coming out of the building. Failing to figure out what danger two policemen could present, she decides to follow them. They duck into an alley. May suddenly senses another danger, this time above her. She falls behind and changes into Spidergirl. The policeman suddenly senses their follower, but it is not May. Out of the buildings jumps Wild Thing, the daughter of Wolverine.

Wild Thing is about to attack the police but Spidergirl interrupts her with a kick. Wild Thing does not hold back either. She uses her psychic claws to their maximum effect to bring down her opponent. But Spidergirl proves to be more than a match for her, when her next punch sends Wild Thing flying into a nearby building.

Satisfied with her win, May turns her attention to the police officers. To her horror, the police change into Sabreclaw and Enthralla, two notorious villains. Spidergirl manages to keep them at bay but only temporarily. Sabreclaw manages a hit, which makes Spidergirl reel. He raises his hand once again but is interrupted by Wild Thing.

Wild Thing fills in Spidergirl, thus removing their mutual misunderstanding. Sabreclaw rises once more, but the ladies clobber him together. Enthralla isn’t done yet. She tries to attack them, but seeing Sabreclaw down, she gives up. The Fantastic Five make a spectacular entrance and take the villains into custody.

Later, Wild Thing tries to impress Franklin Richards and May decides to duck out. May arrives in school to see Jimmy walking in shame after Heather dumped him. She lends a helping hand, saying that Jimmy can trust her as a friend.

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