Speed Racer Movie

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Hehe, the cartoon was so funny, especially the way they talked. But I still loved it. I'll probably go watch it.

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I loved that show when i was a kid

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Okay maaaaaybe this won't be as extremely horrible as I thought. It just might work in a cheesey sorta way.

Here's the trailer. I suggest checking out the hi-def version that can be found online.

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Wow, this looks way cooler than I thought it would. I don't remember the storyline from the cartoon, but I remember liking it. L0L.

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I've hated every remake of every cartoon. Hollywood completely destroys and exploits everything that was good about the originals. Because it's a kids movie and because it's an already established name, it will probably make 50 mill no matter how bad it is. It makes me sad. If they are going to make these movies, they should be limited to like a $6 milion dollar budget to give it an independent feel.

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Yay! I haven't seen that show in a few years, but I used to love it, glad to see it's coming to the big screen.

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Teaser poster:

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Well, it's looks fun to watch. But, in this day and age, movies like this, Chipmunks, etc. ultimately prove that nobody can come up with original ideas for movies anymore.

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So I liked it in case you haven't read my review: http://www.comicvine.com/speed-racer/43340/news/&newsId=947

It was a fun film. Not an award-winning movie but I was entertained. That's all that matters. It's not realistic. It's not meant to be.

I also dug out some of my comics from the late 80s and wrote up a bit about Speed's origin. I was surprised I was able to find them pretty quickly. Got lucky I guess.


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