negative speed force ?

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Does anyone have any imformation on the negative speed force it was in flash rebirth when Professor  Zoom used it. How does it work ?

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Well as I understand it Barry Allen generates the Speed Force as he runs. The more he runs the more it affects other people gifting them with speed: Wally West, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Johnny Quick, Jesse Quick, Bart Allen, Iris West and other speedsters in the past, present and future.
Professor Zoom created a negative Speed Force that consumes the regular Speed Force with every step that he takes. When enough of it is generated and someone is made a host for this energy it will consume anyone the host touches who has access to the Speed Force. The Negative Speed Force is like cancer to the regular Speed Force and was basically Professor Zoom's attempt to have Barry kill his loved ones. But it needs the regular Speed Force to exist.

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