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How is the fastest Flash? In the DC Encyclopedia, it says that the most powerful Flash is Wally West. Is this true? And if so, how fast is he? Can he run at the speed of light? Faster? Who is faster? 
As super-speed allows you to do things faster than anyone can think (and therefore react to an attack), can Flash defeat anyone simply with his speed? And how does his brain work to make it so that he is capable of talking, moving and thinking at normal speed. Does he have to activate his speed? 
Please answer these questions if you can, or at least just give me some input about the Flashes. Thanks. 

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Right now Wally is said to be the fastest speedster 
I cant find it but i have seen that Bart Allen has the potential to becoming the fastest flash ever. 
He cant defeat anyone by simply using his speed, I would almost say the problem with the flashes is that they think to quickly. They are usually easily tripped up. (if they could just learn how to jump over the obsticles they would be in great shape) Also super speed doesnt always help. 
Barry Allen actually says he has to constantly think about slowing down. He said it is hard work (i would say torture) for him to try and go at everyone elses speed (so slow) His brain works the same ways any normal human beings would if they were running talking and thinking all at the same time. His is just all at an escalated speed. He never has to activate it, it is constantly there.
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So Wally, who is said to run at the speed of light, thinks that fast too? That would be excrutiating! He would explode! He wouldn't be able to understand anyone talking, cuz they were so slow! I think the only way for the think at superspeed thing to be a flaw in the character is if like Batman or someone develeped pills or something to help him slow down at times of inaction.
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Flash: Rebirth put it well. A Flash's weakness isn't kryptonite or the color yellow its having to slow down.

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I prefer Bart more, a lot more. I love his Eidetic Memory.

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According to this site, When the Flash is running at near light speed, his punches can have the impact of a white darf star, now imagine him hitting you multiple times at super speeds, making him very very deadly. 

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@striderno9: Yes, basic physics... E=MC2... remember it? 


E is energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light...  


Though actually that's only part of it, you also want  mc 


meaning that as he moves closer to the speed of light, his mass increases exponentially... to a level where the mass / energy ratio becomes stupidly high and he has a denser molecular structure than Superman.... as used by Wally West to punch a White Martian clean across several continants, almost killing him in the process. 



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Yeah, thanks for that. I understand the laws of physics. I get why it's so powerful. :)

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cool :D 
just hitting that up there so people could understand how the "Infinite Mass Punch" actually works 

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@methos: awsome so so that must mean the most powerful weapon is speed

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