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The story continues directly from the previous issue. Spider-Girl is trapped under the flaming debris of a bombed building while W

es is falling out of the sky after attempting to save Simone from Fury, the Goblin Queen. Through strength of will Spider-Girl is able to free herself and escape the building in time to see Wes falling. Spider-Girl flings herself into the air catching Wes and, with her webshooters still destroyed from her encounter with Tombstone, has to use a method of skipping treetops and skidding down the side of a building to safely slow their decent.

The police arrive to take Spider-Girl into custody, she is still wanted for questioning in the murders of Gwen Reilly and Tombstone. Darkdevil and Kaine have also arrived and Darkdevil teleports Spider-Girl away from the scene so they can track down Fury. Kaine uses his jurisdiction as a federal agent to call off the officers and takes Rene DeSantos into custody.

Fury returns to the warehouse with Simone now as her hostage. April is still captive within the sonic chamber but reveals she has been hiding a tracking device, from when they were tracking Gwen Reilly's spider-tracer, that can signal May's spider-sense and help lure her to their location.

Meanwhile the Black Tarantula has returned to his pent house suite with Arana and Chesbro. They are discussing his plans for ending the gangwar when the penthouse explodes.

Spider-Girl and Darkdevil follow the signal to the warehouse but when the arrive they realize it is a trap. Fury has control of the tracker and April has apparently agreed to be her partner and help in her battle against May.

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