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Spider-Girl finally makes it home badly beaten and exhausted from her encounters with Tombstone and Batwing in the previous

couple of issues. May is met by a very anxious Peter and Mary Jane who have been waiting for her.

Elsewhere Fury, the Goblin Queen is holding April hostage in a warehouse, using a a sonic chamber to negate her veno m symbiote hybrid powers. Fury admits to April that she was the one who killed Gwen Reilly and that she knows that April is the clone of May which April steadfastly continues to disbelieve.

Black Tarantula is still at Silverback's estate discussing the gang war. Black Tarantula wants to end the war claiming it is bad for business, he offers to Silverback that they join forces and he will make him one of his chief lieutenants.

May wakes up the next morning revitalized. April is still missing and the Parkers get word of Tombstone's murder. May realizes April may somehow be connected and also agrees to stay clear of the gang war at her parents' request. At school May has an awkward encounter with Wes who still believes it was her who kissed him when April was impersonating May a couple issues earlier.

Meanwhile Kaine and Darkdevil are trailing the car of Rene DeSantos, a high-ranking member of the Goblin Cult when they are attacked

and subdued by Fury. Rene's car pulls up to Midtown High and he drops off his daughter Simone just before Fury arrives and attacks him. May, witnessing the attack, quickly changes into her Spider-Girl costume and intervenes before Fury can kill Rene. Spider-Girl attempts to lure Fury into a building where she feels she'll have the upper-hand in the fight but Fury instead tosses a pumpkin bomb in after her blowing up the building with Spider-Girl inside.

Fury flies back to the high school and spots Simone attempting to help her father. Fury snatches up Simone before she can react and takes off with her. In a desperate attempt to help Simone, Wes grabs a hold of her leg but is pulled off into the air with her.

Spider-Girl is trapped under rubble in the burning building while outside Wes loses hold of Simone several hundred feet in the air and begins to plummet back to earth....

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