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The issue opens with April Parker swinging around the city reveling in her successful heroics during the apartment fire in last issue. It's clear April still believes she is the real May Parker and that May is the clone and is tired of living in her shadow. April comes across a mugging and subdues the muggers in a particularly vicious manner and keeps some of the cash that they had stolen for herself.

April uses her confiscated cash to purchase her own cell phone and comes across Wes' path on the street . She takes this as an opportunity to get back at May who she believes has abandoned her for the evening. April changes to her natural appearance to impersonate May and approaches Wes. Before Wes can re act to her April grabs him and kisses him.

Meanwhile Darkdevil and Kaine are continuing their investigation of the Gwen Reilly murder. They bust into a warehouse known to be occupied by the Order of the Goblin cult but they find it abandoned and blood splattered all about. It seems the murderer of Gwen Reilly may have gotten to other Goblin cult members.

Captain Ruiz approaches Peter Parker knowing that he used to have connections to Spider-Man. She demands any information he might have on Spider-Girl and her involvement in the murder of Gwen Reilly.

April is continuing her investigation when she is attacked by Tombstone. During the fight Tombstone admits to killing Spider-Girl which puts April into a vicious rage. April frightens Tombstone by creating her Venom-face. Tombstone realizes he is out of his league fighting a symbiote-hybrid and abandons the fight. April snares Tombstone before he can get away and uses a symbiote trendel to wrap around his face, covering his nose and mouth to suffocate him. April murders the villain in revenge for her sister.

The issue ends with April calling home to Mary Jane. April claims to be May and says that April has disappeared. Clearly she intends to steal May's identity in her absence.

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