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The story continues directly from last issue's cliffhanger. May drops down into an alleyway and finds Gwen Reilly dead, slashed across the stomach, and April standing over her. April claims to have arrived only seconds earlier and saw nothing but May remains suspicious of her. Suddenly both girl's spider-senses go off and they race to the rooftops hoping to catch sight of Gwen's killer but find nothing.

In the meantime the cops arrive and discover Gwen Reilly's body.

Silverback explains to Man Mountain Marko he has hired an associate to take care of Spider-Girl

because she has been interfering in his gang's hit and runs against Black Tarantula's people.

Phil Urich is the lead forensic tech. at the Gwen Reilly scene and discovers a spider tracer stashed in her jacket pocket, before he can hide it Captain Ruiz spots it and has him bag it as evidence.

May contacts Darkdevil and arranges to meet him after school. She informs him about Gwen Reilly and her death so that he can assist in the investigation. May returns to the scene of the murder and searches the general vicinity for any possible clues when nearby another of the recent gang war battles breaks out. She manages to subdue the criminals and is handing them over to the police when her spider-sense spikes again in the same manner it did earlier when her and April were in the alleyway. May follows her spider-sense to an unfinished construction site where she is quickly ambushed and attacked by Silverback's hired assassin, one of her father's old foes, Tombstone.

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