harleyquinnhawkgirl's Spectacular Spider-Girl #12 - Back to the War review

When will May have a pleasant day?

Spider-Girl is back and ready for action. Punisher is definitely ready for war on the mob and the mob is ready for war on him. Don Silvio saw a picture of Wild Card kicking Spider-Girl's a$$. He needs someone to take down Black Tarantula. Punisher wants to take him down and learns that he is seeking help from Spider-Girl. We see May is having some trouble with herself and her spider senses. Her spider senses are working against her because of Wild Card. Peter notices something isn't really right with May and does not want her to go out as Spider-Girl. Black Tarantula is causing a muck but is stopped by Kaine. May asks him for help. Things aren't really working out with April living with May. From then on, Punisher is fighting the mob and May is saving people from a fire. At the end Spider-Girl is talking to Kaine and finds out that the Punisher is behind this. The story was okay. It got a little blah and confusing. It feels like May is just stuck in the middle of this gang war. Now on to the details. The writing I felt was really good. I like how they make May struggle with her normal life, but still deals with her responsibility as Spider-Girl. That little cameo of Davida and Courtney was cute. The lettering was boring and in lowercase. It's kind of hard to read when the words are in lowercase. The penciling was average and looks really old and sketchy. The coloring was really nice and solid. The over-all art was nothing special though. I feel like the art work in this issue is still stuck in the 90's. The combat was pretty cool with Punisher and the mob. The dialogue is pretty good. I love the character interaction with May and everyone she knows. It's cool to see how she talks to all of them differently. My favorite pages were 3 and 9. The American Dream story was cool and I like the isssue of May in the basketball dream. Unfortunately this return was not as spectacular as I thought, but it was pretty good. I am giving this issue a 3 out of 5.


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