haydenclaireheroes's Spectacular Spider-Girl #12 - Back to the War review

Spider-Girl and The Punisher VS. The Gang War

The cover for this issue of Spider-girl was great because it really shows what this issue is about. The story begins with the punisher training to go back to be out of retirement. He wants to defeat Don Silvio. May is having worries about wild card and that because of him she can not protect her city because she is nursing a heading from wild card. (She had a fight with him in the last issue in Web of Spiderman) Peter sees may holding her costume and he asks why she is holding her costume because he thought they had an agreement not to be part of the gang war. May just said that she still has to be Spider-girl even if she is not part of the gang war, she lied because she is part of the gang war. Punisher is leaving to go to america. May is talking with April and may says she has a headache but, April does not believe that. May calls Kaine and Normie to get some infomation on Wild Card and they both are worried that she is involved in the gang war. Davida and Courtney invite May to cafe indigo and May says she will go. April has a meeting with Marko. May is at Cafe indigo and there is an explosion near by and she tells everyone not go out and look but, makes herself have trouble to make herself go out of cafe indigo to save people. But Wes spills coffee on May and this a perfect way to go. May goes to fire and saves people. April finds out that May has been keeping secrets from her. Kaine calls Spider-girl and he asks have you ever heard of the Punisher. My favorite part of this issue was when Wes spills coffee on May by accident. It is so obvious at this point that he knows she is Spider-girl. I loved everything about the issue and there were no bad parts. The art was great like always. Ron Frenz always does a great job on that and Tom Defalco always does a great job on writting the issue. They are always a perfect team. I really loved this issue I give this a prefect grade and recommend people to pick it up. 

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